Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 01


Why do I have to tell this story?
Its boring.
Besides, the perspective is not… funny?


Boredom ch 01

Leos hometown was an important and populated city of his country, yet he had nothing to do and grew up watching television. His first memory comes from being like four or so, thats what they kept saying, the school was the one his sister went, that had the same name as the city, was an all girls school at that time but the kinder was opened for boys. It changed some years after, like all one sex schools in town, people back then thought it was wrong to mix boys and girls, later generations realized it was stupid and created social problems, especially with the boys, and the schools saw it was bad for business.
The kinder school was catholic and administrated by nuns who lived in an adjacent building, the kinder was fenced from the rest, consisted in like four classrooms with a different grade each, all with female teachers; outside the classrooms was a grass playground with old metallic games under the sun and some painted used tires that were supposed to be fun, cause cheap nuns in charge of entertainment.
During the first break, the kids from the kinder were allowed to go beyond the fenced grass playground to where the rest of the school had their breaks, this in order to allow them to buy food from the school small store. There were very tall lonely trees and Leo liked to walk among them and think about nothing, one time while he was doing it, he kept remembering all the places of the school he just got to know, he said to himself “this is going to be my first memory”. Years later the nuns sold that valuable part near an important avenue, and it became some kind of cheap postgrade school, they cut down all the tall trees and made a parking lot.
I have no idea how long the kinder grades lasted, one day Leo was in first grade, the other they changed him and was in third grade, apparently they move him up because he was smart or something, but I dont know about that, he always placed the right hand red wristband on his left until corrected, even when he was right handed and lefties were evil and were born very, very wrong, cause he heard that somewhere among all the nonsense. One time they made an event with a little wedding, the teachers chose Leo as the groom and some supposedly good looking girl as the bride; they were all cheering Leo, he did as they told him, but he couldnt even speak with the girl, they didnt told him to speak with the girl.
Leos mother and one of her friends wanted their children to enter a sophisticated only male catholic primaria (elementary), the entry exam was supposed to be extremely difficult, which would be ridiculous, how the hell are you going to pass the normal exams if you can even make it with the entrance one?. Leo quickly finished and the female teacher in charge congratulated him, he was kind of impatient so she told him to sleep in his desk while the others finished, stupid little Leo almost always obeyed orders, so he slept at his metallic small desk with attached also metallic chair.
Leos family was poor, therefore they got a beca (so you dont pay full) and six painfully boring years happened, I rather kill myself than writing that, stupid Leo got more stupid. His grades were good the first three years, later he got tired and became average. The same happened in the male only secundaria (middle school), he got good grades, he was great at basketball, he had some nice friends; then at the middle of the second year he got tired, thanks to his friends his grades didnt went down until the next year, but he left the basketballian robotic repetitive ways because he hated the contact, and eventually he walked away from his goody friends too.


He lived three blocks away from the secundaria but he was always an hour late. For some weird unknown to everybody reason he started to idolize a woman and became desperately inlove with her, even when he didnt really know her, it was a female teacher, he was a funny good looking kid with a strong personality, the teacher smiled at him and answered his jokes, he was used to be liked and praised by female teachers, but now he completely misunderstood everything and created a little chaos when he started and continued to confess his sick stubborn love for her, she immediately rejected him via the principal assistant, but some people just wont listen. He got into a million troubles with the school staff, the religious directives liked him for some reason so he was never fired. Eventually he graduated, but his sick love was still there and got him into more troubles, until he definitely had to forget about her, and when he did it was in a second without remembering back, because he didnt really love her.

If you dont get rid of the source of the problem it will come back again, so when Leo entered the boys and girls preparatoria (high school), eeeeverything happened again. After he finally forgot about his old teacher, Leo tried to relate to the girls in his classroom, even when he had near zero social skills. He looked great, had good clothes, was smart and praised by the teachers, he also had a strong personality, so he had no trouble getting inside their social circles, staying there was another thing. He noticed a girl and tried to get close to her, in normal circumstances they probably could have made a nice couple in its proper time, but his sick desperate love kicked in and it all happened again, but this time for three long and boring years.

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