Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 02

Long ago Leos grandfather was a high executive of a bank in the northwestern part of the country, because of his work, his family had to constantly move to another city. It was troublesome for his kids but the money made things up all the time, when very young they were poor, so the change was very welcomed, they lived in big modern houses, had nice clothes, the newest furniture, a car, and all of that which contrasted so heavily with the dirt roads and the donkeys to move around.
At some point, the government nationalized the banks and their employees had an uncertain future, there were a lot of movements even before that and it was time for Leos grandfather to retire, so he took the chance and moved to the funny long name city where his son and daughter went to study college and stayed there. Leos mother always lived with her parents until she got married and established in that city as well, why? I dont know, I never asked.
Leos aunt got married and went to live north, where his husband had his family business and wealth; Leos uncle was gay, to the shame of his parents, he liked to party all night, get drunk and such, he remained single or temporarily with some partner, and lived in that city too.
Leos grandfather had money saved from all his years of work, but his son got greedy and made very bad investments with his father as a collateral, so the money was gone. The brother of Leos grandfather did the same too, so at the end they lived in a small apartment near a brewery, thats the time when Leo got to know them. The neighbourhood was nice if you ignored so much as Leo did, and was next to the one where Leos family bought the house years later.
Mmm, well, thats the general idea of how they lost their money, Leo never asked about it.
As said before, Leo used to visit them and was cool for a kid like him at his age, with cable tv, snacks, sodas and chocolate milk; sometimes he played throwing baseball across the small street with his grandfather, it was boring unless you imagined otherwise. They never went to visit anywhere because, I dont know, maybe cause they were poor, or lazy, or there was nowhere to go anyway, sometimes is hard to realize how little you know about the people you live with for so many years.

A female friend of Leos uncle gave him a little fancy adorable dog, but he wasnt home much, so he left him with his parents or his sister. Later, he got the dog together with the one his female friend had, blabla, the family end up having four, they were small so it wasnt much trouble; good thing they didnt stayed with Leos uncle, because he was horribly greedy and for the right money he could have turn them into expensive tacos.
Leo grew up and didnt feel like going to visit his grandparents too much, it was imaginarily good but he felt like he needed to do other things, staying there was like being trapped inside a nice pretended childhood. His grandfather resented him but he never told him anything, he did to his daughters though, Leo felt bad and one evening he called him to go watch a baseball game with snacks and sodas, they agreed but became extremely unpleasant, there was Leo watching and eating while the pair of annoyed “I have to stand him being here”who just sat for moments at his side. Leo never went visit like that again.
Then the deaths happened and Leo even lost his room because his grandmother needed it. He got nice toys when growing up because his aunt sent them to him, but after childhood, it was very difficult, like I guess it was for every kid his age and not rich in that country, there was nothing to do without a good amount of money, everything was expensive, there was no normal way for him to make any money because all of the adults in that town are stingy as hell, there were a couple of boys living near but they didnt have much in common, the only girls near were the ones at a massage places, he wanted to go but he didnt have any money, and to top it all up he lost his very boring room, he had nothing to do, he lost the place to bore himself in peace, he had nowhere else to go.
Leos parents were average at parenting, they werent bad but had their money problems made from mistakes and that turned them bitter as poor.
Before they bought the house, Leo got a tiny service room for himself, it was cozy and he was happy. He felt he was very weak so he started to do heavy exercise sessions by himself, he began with little and did more as he got stronger, they called him obsessive but he didnt care, he continued in half secret, ended up doing four or five hours in the middle of the night, got up for school, come back, eat, sleep and do exercise again. This was the time where he stopped doing homework and started to be late all the time, but his body was healthy and he needed it very much.
Now that he had his own tiny room, he began to take care of one of the dogs, she was a beautiful black and white little one, who received Leos love as little and useless as it was.
Sometimes he could play soccer with a couple of other younger boys using the trees at nearby park, then drink water from a faucet, the one youre not supposed to do, though it really depends where exactly you live in the city, some waters are better than others, you dont have to worry about fluoride because they already stole the money to buy it. The boys didnt really get along, so it used to become boring very quickly.
When they bought the house, since he had basically nothing, he was the first one to move there, he did it on his own because it was one block away from the rented house they lived in. They told him to take the upstairs room, it was a big room with a bathroom, but nobody wanted because it was isolated from the rest of the house; later they regretted, it was a treasure to be hold, and Leo was the lucky one who got it.
The situation didnt mean that things were thaaaat bad, he could sometimes go to the arcade and pretended he was playing, he never got bullied because he looked strong, his sister made her parents buy a computer and sometimes he could play some videogames, he had his beautiful little dog by his side, he made imaginary games all the time to play on his own, life wasnt that bad, just average, apparently.


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