Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 03

Then Leo entered high school, it was bothersome because now he had to take the bus, and those were horrible, he could socialize with girls a little but it wasnt worth at all. Those long hours at school were very annoying for him, most of the few friends he could make were extremely boring and square minded, he wasnt learning anything interesting, just mechanical things he could have learned on his own if he wanted, and he didnt. At most of the breaks he had nothing to do, he walked around places to see if anything interesting was going on, sometimes he just left school and looked for it elsewhere, going to a mall, thinking of buying some ice cream but actually dont, and watching some stores was heaven in comparison of the boring hell that awaited him at school.
To make things worse, he didnt have any breakfast at home, and barely had any money, he had to eat what he could and wait until la comida (dinner around 2:00pm, at night is like lunch, I actually like it better this way).
Leo normally never did anything at high school, he never did any homework nor studied, he just did the exams while trying to make some sense out of them, often it took him the whole permitted time, but he always did good. He even invented since secundaria a cheating system to pass the answers to others and got some money for snacks, he never liked to cheat for himself, he rather trusted his own skills, at the end, it was like a mind game for him.

At his last grade, there was a good and smart male teacher who Leo found interesting and nice, so he got close and talked to him, he ended up bringing his so called friends with him and they all got along when possible. Leo was supposed to be the center of that group, it could have been great, but he never really became because he just didnt do it, he used to say very wise things that impressed them, to finally become this bizarre idiot chasing some completely normal girl who had nothing in common with him at all. With the secundaria teacher it was “you have to love me”, with the preparatoria girl was “I need you to live”, it was extremely shameful for the people around him, but he didnt care about anything and kept with the same stupidity, it was the second group of friends that Leo could have led to wonderful things but he let down for something incredibly worthless, though I dont really sense a loss under that configuration.
Leo had this “why did he do that?” habit to self sabotage himself since ever, like he didnt want to move on or something, and there are plenty examples of this. When he was young, a karate school opened near of where he lived, so his mother signed him in. It was easy for him and did well, he and another kid were the best of the school, one time he got to fight him, he was winning yet was bored, so decided to throw a faster punch, he never aimed for the face cause he thought it was gross to do for him, he mostly defended and counter in the chest area, however this time he thought it would be funny to aim for his head, he wasnt very sure so he hold the punch at the last moment, but the other kid couldnt defend anyway and got hit with the pinky finger of Leos fist, who thought it was nothing but the other kid cried for like ten minutes. Leo felt bad but the teacher reminded him to sit down and look the other way. At the end nothing serious happened, Leo said he was sorry but it was part of the fight and the other kid said and was indoctrinated to think it was ok, however for Leo it was not, he did easily great at tournaments until some point when he purposely just defended, step outside the ring many times and got disqualified, neither his family nor teachers talked to him about it and he left the karate school soon after that.
Since Leo liked to wander off to places instead of dying of boredom in the preparatoria school, and was always looking for girls, he ended up meeting a lot of women who felt attracted to him, it was natural, what was not is that he never committed to anybody, sometimes it was because of the lack of money, others he just didnt do it, yet he was still interested in the girl, and for the craziest, he had his oddly obsessive feelings about some other girl.
Many so called expert people tried to talk Leo into sense but nobody was at his lunatic level, no mind tricks nor social pressure worked against him, the structure of what he was doing had no logic in their reality, he felt no shame nor regrets, his family was completely normal, even his pretty dog was still alive. There was not an obvious reason for him to do those things, yet he did them and nobody knew why or what to say about it, especially his parents.
It was different with this girl than with the female teacher who completely blocked herself for personal reasons, Im not saying was bad, but maybe she could have been the one who could teach Leo not to do those things and why not to, after all she was a teacher, you cant expect a normal teenage girl to do it. I guess they didnt pay her enough, hehehe.
I dont think it was that difficult to make Leo act properly, you just had to be a girl he could connect with and talk him into reality, the source of his behavior was going to still be there, but at least he would have behaved around you. In secundaria, there was a young blonde good looking english teacher who Leo liked, even when she knew about the things he did, she got along with him during classes; she just got married and was thinking about having a kid, sometimes she liked to play with Leo to feel “what would it be like?” fixing his clothes, joking, a palm on his back, forcing him to be silent, do the homework or just letting him get away with not doing it. A couple of times Leo wanted something else, she quickly noticed and put him in his proper place without a problem.
The teenage girl had some feelings for Leo, but he was such a freak most of the times, it was just impossible, besides, they didnt have anything in common, there was nothing to share nor talk about.
When it was near time to graduate preparatoria, people around him decided to get tough about his crazy love in order not to make it escalate after graduation, the girl had learned her lesson not to provoke him and the adults were serious about it, not that it was the first time. Everything went well, Leo decided not to push things forward and quickly forgot all about her, because he didnt really loved her.


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