Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 04

So, Leo preparatoria days were over and a golden age of eating breakfast every day had started. It all began while he was still going to school, his sister boyfriend got him a game to play in the computer, Leo also got another on his own and shared it back, those games were strategic rpg addictive style that sucked your life in exchange of fun, and was totally worth, its not like over there was better.
Since he had nothing to do at school, Leo used to go to the library, the male and female employee were nice people and he got along with them, especially the lady. He managed to forbiddingly install a game in one of those ancient computers and played in low settings, it was a glorious feeling to had some forbidden fun at school, if he was able to do this from the beginning everything would have been different. Nobody messed with him until someone in charge of the net discovered and uninstalled it, he warn the library lady to keep an eye for it, so she gave Leo a small lecture.
Leo used to do a lot of things that were against the rules or just out of order in that school, like letting his hair and beard grow long, wear tshirts, sleep in class, not praying before every class nor ever; those types of things, but it was rare that someone would bother with him, he was not worth the trouble, he was oddly with his actions and was not easy to confront.
His sister was going to finish college the next semester after his graduation, so his parents decided to hold Leo from entering the same expensive college until she was out, they thought that he could learn english, because they nor anybody else believed when he said that he had learned on his own while watching TV.

Leos father got him a job, something related with social security pensions administrated by private corporations, the job was to go visit people at home or work, explain some things and get their papers to sign them in with his company; he didnt have to go there daily as others, he was the type that only went there to deliver the papers and got paid only for that. He got along with the manager and the receptionist, he spent triple the time talking than doing the actual deliver at the office. Leo didnt feel like doing that job so his father got him the papers and they shared the money, well, sometimes he got him the papers, most of the times he did what plenty workers did, just make the papers yourself and forget about the trouble, the companies knew yet they allowed it because it was a victimless thing, until it escalated when more people started complaining and they decided to blame the workers, but at that point, it was rare that anyone could get fired anyway.
Later when things became more strict, Leo had to go get the papers himself, he didnt know how until one day he saw a list of possible clients, that data was sent from the government, it was the people who hadnt sign with anyone, nobody wanted to do it but Leo felt he could, he did a few high salary ones that were kinda close to his home and made some good money, the manager used him to lecture the rest of the employees who didnt want to work that list. Afterwards, Leo used to get one or two low salary papers every week, so he just made some little money to live on.
It was fun for Leo to do that job, he got to meet new girls and explore new places he was afraid to go before because he didnt know and were poor people neighbourhoods, the manager told him not to go dangerous places and he obeyed, he met girls of all types and he had good chances, but he never got into a relationship.

The money he got was badly spent, but to Leo it was fresh air full of life, after delivering the papers he used to go into malls or such, buy malteadas (ice cream milk shakes) or a nice dinner that usually consisted of burgers, he couldnt buy pizza because was too expensive and the idiots didnt sell in pieces back then; then he hanged around the malls until early night and left for home. He even bought a portable cd player and a couple of nice caps that he used to wear all the time, even at work.
He still saw a couple of friends from high school until he nearly was out of his college years, those two friends never got together because were too different, so he met them separately. With one he used to go to his house, talk I dont even remember what, play board games, walk around the block, go to a so called cultural coffee near there, where Leo never ordered anything, and stuff like that; sometimes the friends younger sister were with them, or a neighbour younger girl who believed she was a vampire and even drank blood from Leos right hand after a play accident, the vampire girl got feelings towards Leo as a result of the intoxication, he liked her and went visit her kinda often even when she was very difficult at times, but Leo never really pushed forward, in spite of her trying to hold his hand and such. Eventually the girl got her vampire energies out and got a normal boyfriend, they were busy doing their things so Leo forgot about her while feeling nothing. Back to his friend, he was intelligent and liked cultural activities, he loved to read about the aztecs and such, he was a nice person and pursued a career in education paid with a work benefit of his father, he was serious about his work and he loved to teach children, he and his sister gave church classes to kids in a near their home temple. He finished his career and started working, Leo separated when he became openly gay, not because of that, Leo still saw him the same, but he only cared about gay culture and got away from Leo and his girly ways. The friend had fought his parents and left home to live with his boyfriend, then another boyfriend. The last thing Leo knew about him was when he saw an article in the internet local newspaper, it was about work visas to some meat factory in canada, it had a photo of the fortunate ones and in the middle was him, Leo wish him luck and continued with his life, Leo, he was too busy with his own stuff to care much about a used to be friend he didnt have that much in common anyway.
The other friend was different and he shared some of Leos habits, he went to medical school and had long study hours, but he was the kind of person who liked established things. They mailed each other and met in malls on friday or saturday, they normally went to the movies and eat something later, until Leo got sick of the horrible movies with the sinful waste of money and decided to stop, the friend got mad because he thought it was boring, but his father gave him money and Leos didnt, he wasnt going to spend on that boring hell just because. They used to dinner pizza or burgers and some dessert, until Leo had spent too much money on that and stopped, he then just hanged around while his friend bought stuff for himself, stingy culture is a big thing here, so the friend never shared anything but Leo didnt care. It was fun talking with him since preparatoria because they used to mock things, and he grew up watching american shows, the friend had a slight american humor that matched Leos, so it was fun to hang around in with, though with time Leo got tired of him, he wanted to do the same boring thing again and again, eventually he had nothing to talk about, he just wanted to finish his career, get a job, have money to get a girlfriend, marry that very first one soon and have a bunch of kids he could enjoy since early age. To Leo it stopped being fun, he felt like he was dating him out of pity, and wasnt even getting something in return, he had enough and completely cut communication with his friend at once, never heard from him again and couldnt care less.
Why care about boring useless people when you have good videogames to play.

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