Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 05

Leos time to finally go to college arrived, he was full of energy and dreams, which quickly disintegrated in that boring place. He needed to take the bus as always but it was faraway and there was a lot of transportation problems, he chose a stupid career that had no future, he was just wasting his time, effort and little money.
At the first day and hour of school he met a girl in his classroom, she was kinda good looking so he decided to talk to her. The girl was very different from all the girls he had met, she glued to him all the time since day one, only left him alone was when someone needed to go to the bathroom. It wasnt romantic though, they were a friendly couple, she hanged with him because she lived all her life in a rural town and just came to the city for college, she didnt want to be alone so Leo was like a treasure for her, yet they were very different and could barely find a conversation topic.
That starting day, Leo ended up inviting her to his home for la comida, his family was impressed because they were used to his crazy nonexistant relations, and now they had a nice looking girl in flesh and bones who willingly accepted to be there after one day of knowing each other. It was also a relief for them because they were worried the same was going to happen again, especially since the prepa girl attended that college too, Leo saw her and they even crossed ways a few times, she seemed excited after losing contact for months, but Leo didnt want to look at her anymore, for him she was a nasty person who couldnt talk to him and it wasnt the first time she teased him, he may have been annoying and insistent, but he was never violent nor aggressive, he always used a kind voice for her ears. He finally saw her for who she was and decided to completely ignore her, for this, his new all day company was very effective, the prepa girl and her friends couldnt get close since he had a girlfriend, or at least looked like it.
Leo saw two worlds facing each other, he loved the new one and hated the old, he didnt have a real relation with anybody so he could easily decide by himself, the prepa girl and him lost contact forever and nobody cared.
The new girl at Leos side all day long had that lonely coming to the city feeling, it was rare because she wasnt that naive, it was weird because she had the habit to stay quiet when for some reason she wasnt comfortable with something, she really started talking to Leo like two weeks after they knew each other.
Leo did as he normally do and didnt push forward into becoming her boyfriend, she never left his side at school but she started dating other people outside, eventually she told Leo about it, he felt bad but thought it was stupid, so he carried on the conversation. It was nice for her because she could talk very personal and intimate things she wouldnt normally said to a man, like her bunch of relations, body hair or those dirty jokes Leo didnt understand or appreciate. She used to make him keep her company while buying clothes like miniskirts, food at the supermarkets, and even condoms while looking inside sexshops. It was frustrating for her because he was supposed to be having sex with her, and for some strange reason he wasnt.
Something they had in common was that they liked good bathing products, Leo used to buy one or two and used them, the girl ten and ended up sharing some with him. It was sort of cute and didnt implied bathing together.
After a couple of months, Leo started to feel uncomfortable at school, he was too agitated, his head and chest hurt, he told her but she didnt have anything to say.
The girls parents were divorced and it was difficult because there wasnt enough money for her. She was living alone in a house property of her mother and aunt, but they were always fighting and was annoying for her to live there, she was a horrible housekeeper too.
She decided to drop that college and go to the state one that was almost free and had an equal level, which was a good decision. Leo tried to convince her to stay but he had no arguments, she tried to convince him to go but he hated change, she didnt had the money to stay and that was final, Leo didnt have the money to stay either, but he and his mother were very foolish and stubborn so he remained until the end of semester.
Leo kept seeing her, he even was with her in the new university entrance procedures, but back to his school it was very different, Leo could talk to others and such yet he felt completely lonely and started to see that college for what it was, a living hell for him.
He was always late because of the stupid buses and failed one class, he also had the debt of a lot of money his family didnt have, so he left that idiotic place and never paid.
And about the girl, she had a large family, money troubles and was sick about it all, she wasnt very smart either, she thought that she could find a nice boyfriend, get pregnant, then married, make him work and pay for everything while she took care of the home and kid, though I dont know how, she was terrible at housekeeping. The first choice was our dear Leo, who liked the idea of finally have sex with her, but even as stupid as he was, he thought it was a very bad idea and rejected her.
She had some boyfriends and eventually got away from Leo. One night she called him and said that she needed to see him immediately at his home, a few minutes later she was at the door with her boyfriend, they were there to deliver a wedding invitation. It was supposed to be a surprise yet Leo knew because he quickly noticed that she was pregnant, they talked and laughed for a little while, they had to give Leo another invitation before they left because the dog ate it for the weirdest reason. The wedding was at the hometown of the girl, and of course Leo didnt go cause he rather died than not spending the night in his own room with his beloved pomeranian dog who needed him, which was another reason why he never had sex, oh! no, no, another dog was who ate the invitation, a big one his sister brought to the house.

The girl was kinda angry at him, but with time he got a good reason not to continue, they got divorced. I think they lasted like a year before breaking up, from the few words she said, he got tired of playing house and wanted to live like before.
About her little plan to find prosperity, it horribly failed because it was stupid, because in this country most people are forever poor for whatever reason, and because theres a huge informal economy where the dad can work and the judge cant take his money.
The first time Leo saw her again after the wedding was many months later at the house she used to live, Leo was walking around a mall kinda near her house, he was bored so decided to give it a chance and went to knock on her door unannounced. From a phone call with her weeks ago, he knew she was living there with her brother, who also came to the city for college, something like farm doc, I dont care. Leo got there and the brother opened the door, he went to ask his sister and then told Leo to go to her room, where she and her daughter were in bed watching a little, old and cheap TV, her kid got sick of something rare and the illness caught her too. Leo was worried that the red dots were going to jump into his skin, he even told her, but he went too far and wasnt coming back, he got near and touched her as usual, as a cute little friendship moment happened.
Days later she mentioned on the phone that they didnt have something to eat, it sounded like a joke yet Leo invited her to eat at his house. It was normal because she had done it many times and Leos family knew her well, but it became very difficult for them because she was depressed and her not speaking habit kicked in, it was very troublesome to daily deal with a person in that state when is not your family and she had made very bad decisions herself, especially for Leo and his low levels of patience. After nearly a week, she called to say that some aunt was in town and that she was going to eat with her, she also said thanks to him and his mother.
She managed to finish studying her career because her mother accepted to take care of her daughter in the rural town, and she slowly went back to her former life before getting married. Some time later Leo got her a job at his sisters office and she was happy. From the benefits of her mothers work, they were going to get a home of their own, she was also happy. Leo sometimes went to visit her at work, they talked and laughed, Leo copied some games into her computer and showed them to her, she didnt like games though, Leo also spoke about his other activities and she responded that he didnt got bored because he had many things to do, then she showed him on her cellphone a bunch of pictures of her boyfriend and herself naked.
Another day she went to eat at Leos house and tried to seduce him, Leo thought of finally do it yet hold because he later walked her to a nearby lab for some results, Leo wanted to do those things with her, but he didnt want to go to that lab for his own results, so he didnt follow, again.
Later there was a change of personnel at the office and she got fired, she was tired and thought it was ok, they properly paid her anyway.
Months later she called Leo, always at his home, as always his mother picked up, Leo hated cellphones and didnt have his own, she said hello and that she was working at a female underwear brand admin office, they talked and laughed for a while, they wanted to make plans to see each other one day but it never happened and they never saw or knew from each other again.


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