Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 06

Leo had to wait another semester off to enter a new college, so he went back to his prior life. He decided to study law at the new college from the religious group of his all life schools, he even went to talk to them and got a beca, they forgot to give him at graduation the little cheap medal for studying all schools with them, but now he only had to pay half, which was a privilege only he enjoyed, the others were on credit, though it would have been the same, is not like he was going to pay.
They already had that college working in a different location, it wasnt good so they decided to make a new building and get a new name, they used a presidential permit from another religious group because theirs had failed, but by then they finally got it and used their own name.
With everything new and not having enough students at that time, they did many things wrong and Leo used to complain a lot, yet he felt more comfortable then, it was the style of school that he had always knew, it was a good style, it felt warm and people were more kind, I guess he would recommend them if he didnt hate schools so much, except for the secundaria, there was a ton of bullying there and they didnt move a finger, they blamed the primaria for it, they were sort of right, but it was their school and their fault.
Leo did good at that place, very often he tried so hard to do something special, he usually asked the teachers for him to come forward and explain certain topics he thought were interesting, he did great but only the teachers cared, and half cared, everybody was bored out of their mind, it was interesting but only for him, they didnt really care, or seemed too difficult and bothersome so they didnt pay attention, they were there for a diploma and thats it.
He had nothing to do again, but this time he decided to lurk the library and actually read books, hes not the kind of person who reads books but he forced it out of boredom. One time a teacher asked the students to explain a crime scene, Leo took his childhood toys and presented a play from a book he read about a completely paranoid chain murderer who ended up doing a paranoid suicide, at the beginning they were laughing at him, later it got good and they paid attention, but the play was long and complicated so the audience lost their patience, even the teacher got annoyed and asked him to cut parts and finish already, Leo kind of did, with time the teacher started to like it and ordered the students to be quiet; Leo finished it and was happy because he could do it while everyone was laughing, hes the kind of person who doesnt feel bad and instead bites back if you openly mock him, so they didnt bully him or anything, besides the place wasnt like that at all.
When Leo studied there he was sort of perfectionist and it bothered the people around him because they didnt want to work that much, the students just wanted the paper that says you did college, the staff felt underpaid and didnt care, the only one working hard was little lonely Leo. One time he started to have a lot of questions in his mind about the people around him, so he decided to look for an answer in the books at the library, he searched in a lot of them but there was no answer, just the same square minded text that repeated itself again and again. He ended up piling a mountain of books, back to reality, he felt bad about the mess for the library employee, who was a student working there for a beca, just like Reo yet he didnt have to work, he told Leo to leave the books there, that he was glad someone was so serious for the library. Leo went back a few times and did the same, but he never found anything.
Leo still had his twisted crazy love feelings, from day and hour one he instinctively looked for a girl to fall in love with, and he found her, she was his classmate and she looked very similar to his former college friend, but she was taller and bigger, in his deluded mind he wasnt very convinced but decided to go for it since he didnt like anybody else. He wasnt so stupid then, he would never openly confess his insane love anymore, he just stuck with her whenever he could and hold those dark feelings inside, however it was kind of obvious that he was interested in her.
Leos classmates were a group that usually hanged around together all day long, Leo was there at the beginning but he felt extremely bored and annoyed, it was just awful for him, they talked about stupid things and did nothing, so Leo isolated himself, he tried to find friends elsewhere, he met other people but they never become friends for several reasons.
Leo used to talk to his classmate girl, it was difficult because they were very different, He used to openly talk to her about stuff, sometimes they complained about how the classroom group was, she agreed with Leos views of how they were, actually all girls thought of that in secret, but when in the group, the question of why Leo wasnt there emerged, she told them what she heard while hiding her own words, later that led to some fights with the other boys, but nothing serious, because they all didnt really care.
The classmate girl asked Leo a few times how could she be as smart as he was, sounded pretentious, he tried to teach her but that implied a whole change in her personality so it became impossible, she also had very bad selfesteem, like one time a fortune teller woman went to the school and told bad news to all the girls and they were depressed for days, just when Leo thought they couldnt be more stupid, to the classmate girl, she told her that she was never going to get married, Leo thought of telling her that she could marry him, but he got sick of it and left her alone, she wasnt listening anyway.
With time, he and the girl became more close, one day they spent all day together, she even invited Leo to her house. At some point the girl let him know that they were alone, Leo wanted to do those things but he was too excited trying to tell her about the things inside his heart, considering her an actual friend, so the moment was ruined, blabla, she never got close to him like that, eventually he never saw her again nor cared about it.
Leo went to that college a whole year, but at the second semester things were complicated, he started to feel bad and slowly worse, he sweated a lot, his head and chest hurt, his right leg twisted outside, he couldnt get up early so he failed the early morning classes, therefore he was going to lose the beca, he tried to talk to the career coordinator and the principal about making it up some other way, Leo proposed teaching activities after normal classes and made a work plan, he was going to do it for free in exchange of some tolerance about the absences, but nobody cared about that, the career coordinator failed him and Leo left that school; later he found out that the religious group people blamed the career coordinator for his leaving and they had some fights about it.
By the way, Leo hated doctors for two main reasons, one is that it was expensive and he didnt have any money, two is that he felt extremely uncomfortable with people touching his body. There was this time when he had enough and decided to visit a massage place near his house, he gathered the little money he had and went there.


Once before he thought of visiting all of them and then chose the better place, but now that he was actually doing it, he forgot about plans and just walked to the one he felt more comfortable about. Idiot, naive and innocent Leo decided to ask for a haircut, the girls nearly laughed at him and told that it was only with some girl in the morning, after a few moments he gathered courage and asked if there was anything else, the girl explain and Leo agreed with one of the prices, as he got a discount, the girl talking to him was short kinda good looking white skin brunette one, she asked another girl who was sitting behind hearing everything while doing her make up if she wanted to, she agreed with a smile. Leo told them that he was going home for the money and coming back, he just did it to have time for a second thought about what he was going to do, but his mind was completely blank and just went ahead, he took a quick shower which later he pervertedly regretted, chose some clothes to quickly get undressed and went back. The girl was waiting near the front door and led him inside a room, she was tall, blonde, white skin, large breast, good looking body, for a moment Leo thought that she looked alike the prepa girl, but he decided to quickly forget about that. So when the moment of truth arrived, Leo couldnt do it and kept asking questions with his little cute voice, the girl believed that he was ashamed of his own body and told him that she was used to it and that he shouldnt worry, she left him a moment alone to let him take his clothes off, Leo finally did it and fully undressed. When going back into the room, the girl saw him and was about to tell him that it wasnt really necessary, but stopped because she was surprised, she wasnt expecting Leo to have such an attractive body after his nervous behaviour, and then she started.
Leo felt good and weird touching her mouth, a voice inside him told him “oh, so this is how it feels like”, he was extremely nervous and had no idea of what to do, also her teeth hurt him and he just could say “ouuch”, she wasnt very skilled yet she continued. He felt it was odd to just stand there so he tried to touch her head but stopped because he thought it was too rough for her, then he fondled her breast and convinced her take off her blouse and bra, later he told her that he wanted everything, the girl smiled and offered him a good price, half from normal, he accepted and she fully undressed. Leo touched between her legs but she stopped him, then he told her what he had in mind but the girl said no because she didnt want to get hurt, it was nothing complicated, Leo wanted to just be on top of her, he also wanted to kiss her lips but she said no as well, at the end she offered him a couple of more comfortable for her positions, she made emphasis on her being on top so he agreed on that, aaaaand, it didnt happened.
Leo laid on the massage board but he was at his limit, his mind was completely blocked and he couldnt do anything, even when he really liked the girls body, he was nearly closing his eyes, covering his face with his hands and he told her to just do it, she said no because the condom could fall.
She tried for a long while, she lost sense of time until she realized it was too late and she had to leave before there were no buses home. She got off and was worried that Leo wasnt going to pay her, he complained because he didnt want to stop, but gave to the girl the money of the first price.
Leo blame it on the condom for being too small so it hurt, laughed and talked with a cute voice to make the girl feel better. He didnt want to wear the condom? oh Leo, youre so naive. The girl led him to the front door, he kissed her cheek goodnight and told her that he was going back some other day when he had the money. Leo really wanted to go back but he really didnt have the money, since the girl knew he lived near, he tried to see her every time he passed by, a couple of times he found her, they smiled and waved hello, Leo wanted to get close but something inside stopped him, besides he couldnt pay anymore, not even with the discounts, oh Leo youre so poor and useless. Eventually he saw that there were other girls at that place and never saw her again.


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