Reo 01 ~Boredom~ ch 07

Leo still had to explain her mother that he was going to leave that college, he couldnt just do it, so he investigated about a cheap one that had franchises like it served fast food. There was one of those very close to Leos house, and he loved the idea of getting there so easily, he visited the classrooms, they were small but he thought they were cozy and friendly; the building was a house but he thought it was going to give a warm feeling; the social class was going to be lower but he thought that they werent going to be so greedy as the others. Oh little Leo, you are not getting any smarter.
The price was much lower than the other schools, even with the becas it cut it in half, Leos aunt long ago warned him and his mother about expensive colleges but they didnt listen. The law career studies ended a year sooner than his prior college curse, even when he needed to start from the very beginning again. In theory it offered a lot of benefits, Leos father quickly agreed, his mother made a scene but in the end accepted too, and Leo signed in. What he didnt know is that the place was just awful, he learned more about his career because the teachers focused on the topics, but that was it, he hated the cheap students around him, the boring activities, the nothing happening of the place, he hated it so much, he wanted to go in the afternoon but the classes were only in morning, therefore he had to wake up early, he couldnt and got into problems again; he wanted to study and work into something interesting to do right there, but it was even worse than his previous college, he ended up in the lousy tiny library with its dumb girl in charge, he befriend her because he had nothing to do, but he didnt really like her. School life for him was horrible but the hours were much shorter, specially since he was late and then skipped classes in order to go home earlier to eat, which he used to do since the second college. so he was at home enjoying his normal life sooner.
Of course he failed once more because he couldnt get up early, but this time the female teacher said that she acknowledged Leos “wisdom” and that if the principal allowed it, she was going to pass him. They went and the lady principal gave Leo a lecture, he just smiled and said sorry, she passed him but warned him it was going to be the last time, and she was right, hehehe.
Of course Leo did whatever Leo did, so he deluded himself again into loving another girl, he chose one that Im not going to bother much with because the intensity of the delusion had clearly diminished, they talked and hanged around a little but that was it, she was really not interesting in any way, none of them were, and that includes our boring protagonist.
Leo met younger girls from the prepa that was also set at that house building, but nothing really happened. Leo thought that it was hell and decided to move to another franchise kinda near his home, this one had afternoon classes and seemed to have more people, Leo hoped the best and made what was necessary to move, suddenly he found out that the girl who he deluded with lately and her male friend were moving too, she was mad because she thought he was following her, but Leo had all the paperwork done and she didnt, so Leo joked her about being the opposite. They got closer at the new school as she opened up, but nothing special and thats the end of it.
At the new school things were better but not that much, he looked for girls as a healthy little boy he was, and gladly the love delusion syndrome was very weak. His classmates were awful, he got tired and signed out for a period, four months. The girl and his friend from before thought it was a good idea for whatever reason and did the same. Leos mother found out two months into the break, when Leo stopped asking her money for the tuition, she made a scene but meh, she saved the money for herself.
When coming back, his new classroom was a little better, he kinda befriended a woman who was a doctor, she liked her cause she was an adult and because she used to drive him back near his home. He also kinda befriend other girls but the place was no good for him, he missed classes all the time, he even went back to his second college that was near just to hang around. He didnt want to spend money on buses so he used to walk to school, it was doable and a mall was in the middle, but then he was always late.
Leos father found him a little job picking up credit card application papers, the boss was a female friend of her father, the plan was for him to go pick and deliver the work to do in the morning, while his father was going to do the actual job. The female boss decided to use a mall kinda near Leos house as an office, some applications where from people who worked at that mall, so Leo started doing those himself and earned a little money. Eventually Leos father stopped doing that job and Leo went there to do only the ones he could, he earned a very little money but he had something he could do and was fine. He hated going to school, so he usually found himself something to do and skipped it completely. Eventually the main office closed and the job ended, the female boss liked Leos father because she thought he was a nice person, and she got along with Leo, she even proposed to help him prostitute if they shared the money, Leo wanted to but obviously wasnt ready, so he didnt.
He lasted a couple of periods in school and wanted to leave. During that time, he taught himself about the career, he really wanted to just start working on something, make some money and leave school forever, and he accomplished it, somehow.
He started to talk to people as a lawyer, he got a couple of clients for something lousy and useless, but he did make a little money. Then one day he found out about a case of elder abuse at a so called retirement home, one of his male classmates he lately hanged around with had a brother who help an old person escape from those terrible conditions and got him a place in a real retirement home. They denounced what happened and the fake retirement home lost their registry, but they didnt went to jail for what they did. Leos so called friend tried to act as a lawyer but he obviously couldnt, then he asked Leo for help, at that time they were trying to push again and he joined. After Leo took the friend to the investigators and to the government office in charge of supervising the so called charities, the people of the fake retirement home called the friend to make an arrangement, and of course he went there alone, they offered him some money and he took it, but they taped him and denounced him back. Nothing happened to the friend and he kept the money while avoiding Leo, it was just a way to shut him up, but they were extremely stupid and included Leos name in the denounce, and Leo stroke back in his own peculiar way.
The first thing he did was to visit the old man at the retirement home, he brought him some juice and other stuff from his house, he convinced him to let him be his lawyer, the old mas was desperate and agreed, he needed money, he dreamed of going back to his previous life, he wasnt like that always, he used to have a house, a car, a business and money, he also got a much younger wife who obviously accepted for money. One day the brother of the wife planned to take everything from him, they started to drug him and such, he didnt have any family so it was easy to toss him with nothing on some street. Then for his worse luck, the people from the fake retirement home found him and made him their pet, so when they asked for money they have someone to fool people with. Lots of people noticed but nobody was able to do anything, after all the had all the government papers, until the brother of the friend could rescue him.
The second thing Leo did was get him, and himself, some money, the old man owned a couple of graves at the municipal graveyard, Leo got him an ID and they sold the graves, the old man paid Leo his share and both were happy.
This is the time when Leo ditched school forever, clapclapclap! and dedicated to his new activity. He wasnt going to wait for the police investigators to knock at his home asking for him, he studied a lot and denounced everything and everybody responsible for the fake retirement home. The government people had a bad position and Leo knew it, he took advantage and pushed forward very hard.


When he met someone at a gov office, he wasnt afraid and perfectly knew how to talk, he played little boy and even looked childish, if the people was nice he was too, if they were nasty he was as well, and much worse than them. He met higher people at the government and one woman noticed how he behaved, so they ordered everyone to smile, even when they hated him, and not to provoke him. The case lasted a few months but nothing really happened besides some minor benefits. Eventually, Leo realized that a thousand people should be doing what he was, not just him, it was then when Leo tried to think why did he bothered with all of that in the first place, he hated the nuns at the retirement home, he hated the fake one, he hated the government, but it had nothing to do with him. On the bright side he got some money and finally could abandon school.
I dont know why Leo thought it was a good idea to do a social job when he even used to say to himself that he hated people, maybe because it was something he knew how to do, he hated to see blood and doctors, he hated the hell of writing numbers, he probably felt there was nothing else to do.


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