Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 01


Uneasy Sunv2

I wonder if you will ever believe me when I say
that I would do anything for you.

Uneasy Sun


Satellite of Love 01


When those horrible school times were over, Leo liked to forget about everything and tried to have some fun. Since he was very young, Leo used to invent some games to play on his own, he normally had the best time when he could completely forget about his outside life, there was nowhere to go and nobody to even talk to, not even his family, they were very bitter and useless, Leos sister hated him since he could remember, she developed an older sibling jealousy that never went away for some reason he couldnt understand, she was always angry and distant, its like she wasnt his sister at all, Leo didnt have a good memory of her in all those years, in fact, it was hard for him to even remember about her. She wasnt only mad at him, she also hated her father for his attitudes and because once long ago he had a secret affair with another woman and got caught.
About the father, he was a very lazy salaryman, once he got some money because he was partner with a guy who made some minor frauds, and he was his accountant, then the guy got jailed for some time and the father went his own way with his normal stuff. He put the money on his wife name because he was afraid to get caught as well, but it never happened, he tried to invest that money in a small property but his wife thought those were trashy and rejected, completely ignoring the incoming migration boom of the city. With time they spent all the money, which got shorter after a few financial crisis that hit the country because the people in power stole it all again and again. He became the eternal in debt, low income salaryman, but at least he kinda behaved now.
Leos mother was a severely frustrated high drama volatile woman who would scream and make scenes to fix everything, and she was the center of the family. Leos grandmother was like her daughter, and she used to forget her frustrations with food. Leos grandfather and uncle had died long ago. The last one was Leos aunt, she was the smartest of them all, though not by far, she got a better husband who had family properties and business, which he later made successful, so they had money and lived well, they got their own family problems but decided to avoid the divorce and hanged around with each other, things went well about that too. She had a couple of children but they barely ever talked to Leo because they lived faraway in a borderline northwestern town, and also in a very different social class. Leo liked her because she monthly sent money to his mother in order to pay for everything, bought them clothes and xmas presents from that big and wonderful country up north, without her it would have been deep poverty in the middle of a wasteland, and they lived so faraway that they never were going to bother him, Leos aunt was like a gift sent from the heavens.
Leo also had some relatives from his father side, but they were poor, annoying and lived in a rural town near the big lake, I dont care about those either, they couldnt even shave the thick mustache of their little girl, though maybe I shouldnt speak about that, mmm.
When Leo got away from school, at least temporarily, he finally could develop himself, he became very strong, he was someone able to do stuff, with time his mother started to learn from his actions and gradually calmed down, since she was the center of the family, the whole house life slowly started to get better. Yet it was always time for him to go back, to be forced into something he just didnt want.


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