Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 02

Long ago, Leo loved to play with the computer, but it wasnt his, he also had to share it, and for a few years it was like this. After his sister left the house creating conflict with her mother, in what later will be a chain of bad very emotionally attached decisions, Leo wanted to take the computer to his room but his mother wouldnt let him, it was until Leos aunt came to visit and she stated the obvious, that they let him took the old pc. Leo thought of why they didnt want him to and came up with a few reasons, they thought he was going to break it like some idiot, that they were greedy, that he was going to look for porn, which he did all the time anyway, and finally that they were the most stupid people in the world and he was stuck with them.
Leo gladly put together his new best friend and started to personalize everything in a complete order, he remembered that they didnt want him to watch porn, so he did in the comfort of his isolated room just because he could, he liked to look at the girls but he never got into the porn culture like other people he heard of. With time he realized that he didnt really like those girls.


Leo always had whatever the rest of the family didnt want anymore, his room was full of old obsolete used things, it looked horrible, but Leo looked at things with different eyes, as those were the only things he could possibly have.
Leo had to unlearn many things his stupid mother taught him, like being a possessive freak and do everything so the others would like you. Leo then decided to make his isolated room his own, he threw away everything he didnt want, he stopped being their storecloset and arranged things his own way. Later he opened his room door to allow better ventilation and locked the entrance to the second floor, taking it all for himself, since nobody else was really using it.
The pc was obsolete but Leo kept it to its best shape, there was a lot of things it couldnt do, but many that still could and Leo had not done before, so he focused on those and left the others for a future time. One day, he started playing an rpg game, he didnt fully like it but the music was elegant and mysterious, so he kept playing, it was very addictive because it had a lot of little scenarios, Leo decided to finish the game, Leo decided to forget about everything and play, Leo decided to stop playing just for food, he wasnt even taking a shower and he only slept like three hours a day. It took him a week and some days to end the whole game and then he returned to his normal life, after taking a very necessary bath. He used to change his clothes and wear a cap, so his mother didnt find out about his little adventure.
At the time of his second college, he looked for something to do, he wanted to paint or make music but he didnt have any money, he chose writing because it was the only one he could afford. He wrote a whole book using a pen and a big notebook, it was about something very personal to him, he didnt understand much so the book wasnt that good at all, it barely made sense, it was about the recent changes in his life, about a little voice in his head that started to make things go better and clearer, he thought those voices were supposed to lead you to madness, but for Leo everything was improving for himself and how other people treated him.
It didnt mean that the little voice fixed stuff like magic, it took a long time for Leo to become truly strong, everything that was broken within him was still there and the time he got very sick arrived, his heart was beating too hard and his artery tore a little, the left side of his chest had a purple tone and he was very weak. It wasnt a constant bleeding, only when his blood pressure was too high, so Leo had to make mayor changes with his life, he reduce physical efforts to a minimum, he couldnt carry things, he often had to kept his left arm next to his chest, he had to forget about many things he used to care and made him stress like getting a girlfriend or pleasing his mother.
When his illness was critical he thought he was going to die, he thought it would be nice if he died, if he just let his artery fully tear, let his blood out and die. He planned a last day of his life, he took the written notebook and burned it, he bought a large pizza and ate it all that night, but he didnt die, just got a bad indigestion for eating too much, hehehe, Leo, youre such an idiot.


He kept going on and improving his life while listening to the little voice. Leo was a big pervert, once he looked at some drawings and liked them very much, he searched for it and found a game about a dark book of magic, a high school boy, his somehow beloved female friend and the other people around them; in his youth foggy eyes, the story was intense, the setting interesting, the graphics beautiful, the voices charming; an unwanted and mediocre life, then fulfilled desire, lust, greed, power, frustration, and somehow somewhere, love.

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