Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 03


Theres a white prism with phony jism spread across his face, and the soulful convicts forever interred lose the smile across their faces, the smile that registered hopes and dreams has proven just a waste, the indentured servant forever in this place.

Little Leo had a huge doubt inside his heart, very quiet and silent, tear from his heart. It was afternoon, he had just eaten, he took a bath and wore clean clothes, he was going to deliver some papers then planned to go eat some ice cream and walk around a mall. He went downstairs and said goodbye to his mother, she was watching the same tv show she always watched at that hour and bragged about, Leo didnt watch tv much but something struck him by surprise, as he turned and looked at the tv, he felt a cold needle which went very deep inside and made him shock in a place he barely felt before, he quickly said that he forgot something, ran upstairs back to his room and switched the tv on.
Leo had this thing with redhead girls, for some reason they always called his attention and thought they were very special, no matter who the girl really was. There was nobody like that where he lived, so he only could see them on internet photos or tv. Leo was happy for seeing a beautiful and cute girl who had such a warming voice, she wasnt even redhead, maybe the old crt tv was broken, maybe it was the pleasures of the media illusion, but Leo was happily watching.
When the show ended, Leo mechanically continued with his day, it was friday so he had to wait until monday to see her, to see the tv show again.
Monday and all the days that followed came, Leo arranged everything so nothing could bother him at that hour. The show had many people and the actress he had fallen in love with wasnt on screen all the time, which made him sad, the show wasnt that bad but his feelings were desperate to see her, he didnt care about anything else.
She was so beautiful, fun and charming, like a pretty witch dancing a happiness spell, her smile felt so warm and her expressions so kind, wouldnt it be, wouldnt it be lovely if I, if I could be with her?
It wasnt the first time Leo got so excited while watching a tv show, not that he was a very good watcher, when he was very little he saw some kids in an unhappy home, someone special visited them and taught them the magic to fly, they flight together as a family and traveled to a fairy world where they built a home and had many adventures. Leo back then truly believed that he could fly at the darkest hour of one night, that he could escape through the window and leave everything behind, fly to a magical world of beauty and kindness, be together with the people he loved, whoever they were, and hold their hand in happiness. But he could never fly, he got stuck to the ground and its filth, slowly poisoning him. Leo looked at the window and its magic, but it disappeared before he could even get close.
Good luck that Leo didnt jump from that second floor apartment window, Leo would have become a meatball squashed on the ground, Leo is wingless.


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