Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 04


Leos illusion was a very powerful as dangerous weapon, it could help him create ideas, solutions, adventures and paths, improving his life and giving him a reason to actually live; but it could also lock him down and mercilessly crush him as he loses his breath, cries and begs for help with his pitiful and muted voice directed at no one in particular.
Of course, everything made sense if you were wise enough, all structures were there inside him, it was Leo the one who couldnt see it with his conscious mind, with his crippled sight he didnt know what was there, he could sense it, and he knew it could go either way.
Leo decided to follow his feelings even when it could mean sacrificing himself, for some reason he felt that there was nothing else besides the happiness behind the magic floating around the window.
He could have chosen otherwise, he was smart, strong, funny, interesting and good looking; he could have searched for his happiness in a more convenient way, it wasnt going to be that easy however, he would have had to work hard, yet with good luck not even that, he then could have been rich and surrounded with good friends, a beautiful wife, and why not, a couple of lovely daughters. Although, he never met someone like that before, maybe wanting those people with money as the catalyst for a better life was the delusion, not so crazy since everybody around him had those sort of desires too.
By the time he wondered if he should do what he was doing, it was already too late for second thoughts, he hated the shape of the world around him, he wanted to change it into something proper for him to live in.
Leo chose to follow the magic trail in order to find the fairy land, a kind family to hold hands with, a truly beautiful girl to kiss and laugh with, but right there is where the bright side met the dark, as a mortal human he had many skills, he was bigger, wiser and stronger than the other humans he knew, but when it comes to magic, he had nothing, he was just a normal boy fantasizing about a better world, one he loved but he didnt seem to belong.
And another thing, just as he knew a mortal human wife could possibly not be there for many reasons, it was the same for the magical one, just because she would float around in the air didnt mean she was going to be there just because he wanted to.
One wonders why he chose a world so faraway from him, the answer must be sleeping inside his heart and mind, a place where he was wingless.
Everything I heard about you stays quiet in the dark, a tear that falls from my one and only heart. Theres a wide sky that shines as one lonely wishes, but thats wrong, desire, death, deception, I want to see you.


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