Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 05

Leo loved his games but his depression problems usually got in the middle, many times he couldnt concentrate much and immerse, he felt trapped when a part of the game didnt reflect his immediate tortured feelings, but there was a wonderful trick to focus on the fun, he used saved states to restore the game to a prior point of his choice. The joy of this trick is that you can do many things you wouldnt normally do, because you can just load what was before, you can explore all the details in the game without any fear, you can throw yourself to the deepest abysm knowing that you can come back in an instant, why would you throw yourself anyway? theres a hint of a treasure chest near the waterfall, it may contain a piece of a heart, you should totally jump for it, then youll only need three more pieces, I hope it doesnt contain a lousy green rupee that you could get by cutting grass on any field, hehehe.


As the months passed, Leo memorized the scenes and the chapters that actress played, just the abstract idea, for the details he bought a bunch of tapes, and without realizing how freaky he looked, he happily taped it, he began taping the whole chapter, but it was too much for his budget so he only recorded her scenes. Leo normally watched the morning broadcast of the chapter to learn the timings, he taped in the noon broadcast, and happily relaxed in the evening broadcast. Ggggg, he watched her three times daily!! oh Leo, you give me chills because youre so serious with your feelings, some boys tape porn or cars, others a faraway girl who for some reason they feel desperately in love with, and I hope you realize that those tapes are going to be obsolete real soon, which is good, I hate pre pc stuff, ggggrr, three times daily, the freak.
That was Monday to Friday, on the weekend there wasnt a broadcast at all, they used to show a bunch of terrible movies, so he couldnt watch her on tv, therefore the glorious internet was the solution. For some weird reason he wouldnt look for her on the internet if he could watch the shows on tv, it seemed that part of Leos mind was still lets say sane and reading hard data was extremely painful for him, or maybe he could just not handle all the information at once, I dont know, but he needed that path opened, and it was like a big barrel full of powder made by some stony looking being.


Shes married and has a husband? I can please him too, and lets be honest, when she gets to know me shes gonna ditch him and take me for her truly beloved, emh, husband? shes gonna love so much; She has some kids? more of them to love me, hehehe, Im gonna be a, what? father? nah, that cannot be right, Im gonna stop thinking about it; Shes old and Im young? that means my chances are better, hehehe; She lives faraway? I just have to get there, how far can it possibly be in this modern world?; She might not love me at all? dont even say that! shes so beautiful, she has to love me, I mean, why not?
Leo got desperate because in reality he was just some idiot poor boy in the middle of a wasteland, he thought he was good enough but he didnt have anything to prove it.
The worst part of all is that he lived his life in complete opposite of what he needed to be at that moment, and he already waited too much, he felt that he was supposed to be with her since day one of life, yet its been decades and nothing had happened. Leo truly believed that they were meant for each other, he slowly realized that a husband is someone you met one day and live forward, but not the days before. I would say the days before turn into today, but little Leo was desperately inlove and hated that she had a life without him, hehehe, little perv.


Leo looked at himself, at the bottom of his heart, what he could see is that his love for her wasnt just casual, lustful or romantic, what he could find out was that he had an eternal link with her beloved actress, that she was probably his mother or her sister, that she was his only family and being together was the most wonderful thing in the world, he always wanted a strong beautiful caring mother, or a lovely cute charming sister. So it was decided, Leo was going to do everything in order to be with her, this pitiful tiny world wouldnt hold him back, he was going to grow wings and fly.

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