Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 06

The first thing Leo needed was money to move, he had none and he required a lot, and the worst is that he already ran out of time as her beloved mother, sister, actress or whatever, was living without him at that very precise moment, “why cant she just freeze until I get there?!”, shes a bully and a meanie to little poor Leo, hehehe.
Leo had no rich father to fall back on, he had to do everything himself, no matter of how difficult and dangerous it was. Before starting, Leo made short and medium term plans, the only long term plan was succeeding to reach her, everything else led to suicide by inducing death as the final point of the failed road, mmm, I guess you can imagine the kind of stuff he needed to do.
The numbers were cold and very rough, his coins were worth twelve time less than the ones in the northern country, the plane ticket was half ridiculously expensive, only half because he wasnt coming back. He didnt feel confident traveling through his crime saturated country, and he wanted to give a good impression to her, he didnt want to look like some torn apart homeless dude, and there was other problems, he didnt have a visa nor the chance to get one, he didnt work nor had a house, nor anything, he could as well be like any other normal immigrant traveling north, and after that, he didnt know how exactly to get where she was. So, there was a lot of issues, he decided to solve them all with the power of his, emh, love?
For the starting money, he needed it fast and there were two ways, one was in the drug dealing business, there were several male neighbours around his house that did it and had fancier houses, but he never met them before, and he didnt know anybody else, if he was going to rush into that, they would probably give him a dangerous job and then he could die without seeing his beloved so special one.
The second, and the one he felt more confident about in spite of its nature, was prostitution, hihihi, but male prostitution wasnt so easy for him, he wasnt a beautiful girl who could work at one of the near massage places, he heard about something at downtown bars, but those were cheap and disgusting, he was never going to make enough money there, as he once read on the internet, those were for monkeys, little dolls played in the avenue across a long mall near Leos house, and then it was decided, he went there to look for a job.
Leo was a bad person harassing someone good, and bad people has the best luck. Leo went to the place, he wasnt used to go out at night, he thought it was scary because he could get lost, so he went there in the evening, the sun was still up, cars coming and going, people from the mall and places around passing by, others waiting for the bus to take them somewhere. Little Leo walked around the place he once saw, where those girls stood waiting for customers. He didnt want to look too suspicious, so he used a fake cellphone and pretended to talk, but there was no one there, he finally approached a small lottery store that was installed on the sidewalk, the lady inside was coming out and bumped Leo, who oddly behaved very social and nice, they talked a little and Leo asked about the girls who worked there, the lady thought he was looking for one as a costumer and said that it was later at night, then Leo corrected and told her his intentions, the girl laughed and told him that her brother was in charge of that, then she called him and told Leo to wait half hour because he was coming. Leo thought of walking around the mall but he didnt feel like it, he sat there nervously by the lottery store, he opened up and ended up confessing his worries about the job to the lottery girl, she told him to calm down and that it wasnt that bad, she also asked him questions and said that her brother was going to help him start. The brother finally arrived with a smiling face after seeing Leo, he was kinda nice and quickly went for him, asking questions and making conversation for him to open up, and when he felt comfortable, he began to socially touch him, he told Leo that he wanted to see him, that the lottery store was tiny but they had an apartment near there. Leo, still nervous, accepted with a weak smile, the lottery girl was curious and tagged along, she closed the store and the three of them got up a sort of nice car, he drove three blocks and arrived at the apartment.
It was on the fourth floor, near the top, inside they gave him a drink which he refused, and they talked to him about the business, they offered him a deal for working, he normally looked first but he saw Leo nervous and didnt want to lose him. Leo accepted and both took him into a room, they make him undress and told him to take a shower and shave while they watched, Leo didnt want to so they told him to only shave as much as he was comfortable, later they put light make up on him and tried a few dresses. Finally, the man told him to undress again and took him to another room with a bed, where he and his sister taught him what to do and took advantage of him as they fulfilled themselves with the pleasure of an early night fueled by need.


Leo wanted to preserve himself pure to his beloved girl, but the required money was too much, and some part inside him kinda liked what he was doing. They gave him a little start money and told him when to come back, the man promised that he was going to give him nice clients for him to begin, and he did, then Leo became a beautiful doll.


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