Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 07

Leo had acted as a girl on the very few internet forums about the actress, to his surprise, he could easily fool everyone, and now he was acting as a woman to the pleasure and desire of some disgusting men. Normally he would had enjoyed the cheap kick and money to improve his own casual life, but he had planned differently since the beginning and he didnt last long in that business.
His good luck of a bad person continued and he met a rich bald man who just got divorced, not very rich though, he just had some money. It was weird for Leo, he only said nice things to get along and finish quickly, he didnt have any feelings for the bald man, he was just doing his job, he sort of twistedly liked the sex, but he didnt like those people, at best they could become friends someday, but nothing more, yet that weak bald man found comfort with Leo and deluded himself into something that didnt exist, Leos romantic kindness and love for him.


By the third date, the bald man took Leo to his house, he wanted to show him the wonders he possessed and could offer, a luxury home, nice furniture, a large closet filled with expensive clothes and perfumes, a big tv, some exercise equipment, and men boring stuff. The bald man had a hole in his heart that was about to led him to the end, his wife left his home and divorced him, things were so bad that she even abandoned her things there, her father was rich so she only took the necessary and left him alone.
Her belongings around the place were driving him crazy, he had to show them to Leo and talk about it to relief himself, he discussed it, eventually made jokes and then mocked his forever gone wife, Leo was enjoying the peculiar show, he laughed along and improved his jokes.
The bald man was so distracted that he forgot to take care of himself, there was an open security box with money and Leo saw it. The bald man wanted to drink something and Leo told him that for the special occasion, he was going to drink with him for the first time, the bald man happily got up and went to the kitchen to prepare the drinks. Leo ended the act, took a sturdy and heavy small sculpture that was on a table, went behind the bald man and viciously smashed his head, Leo felt compassion for him, therefore he quickly killed him so he wouldnt feel much pain.
Leo rapidly took the money and stealthy left the place, he didnt want the trouble of getting everything else, with the money and the act was enough.


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