Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 08

With money on his hand, he could start working on making his wonderful dreams come true. After all the cheap sex and related, he didnt want a wife anymore, he loved that beautiful I wanna kiss her pretty face actress as her mother or her sister, though he didnt really know how to name the nature of their link, you dont have to think that hard for such a warm kiss, because, wouldnt, wouldnt it be lovely?
Leo prepared to carry on with the plan, he wanted to quickly move just in case there were problems because of the murder. He had told her family that he was helping some people with their computer problems, that he hated to go at night but they were working all day, that they wanted and paid him to go to that northern country and bring back some special pieces for a special computer.
His family believed him, beyond his awkwardness he was a serious person, he hated to go out, he had some fame by then of fixing computers, and he shown them the money to supposedly buy those things.
They called Leos aunt at the borderline city and explained that Leo needed to go for a job, she gladly accepted to take care of him and the arrangements for the plane travel were done.
As the path became clearer to see, Leo was happy but he was also afraid, after some time thinking he decided to just forget about his fears and go with everything for it, which meant meeting and giving himself to complete stranger because of his love for her. Leo quickly packed a couple of suitcases, it was fast because he had planned for what he needed, the other one was empty so he could bring stuff back for everyone at that long funny name wasteland city he was about to leave forever.
He decided not to say goodbye to his tiny cute dog, it was too painful, he gave some money to his mother in case anything happened, he gave her too much in a paranoid way, she laughed and accepted because she liked money. Leo went upstairs to his room, took his suitcases out, then started to slowly close the always opened door, and without looking behind, he left everything, and he left his beloved dog to her own luck.
He felt sick at the plane but everything went alright, he wasnt so sick because of the plane, he was sick because his former life ended, he felt empty and horrible, but there was a bright sun where he was going.
Leos aunt picked him up, she was happy for him because he was finally working and it seemed he was doing well. Leo told her that the next day he was going to meet some people who were relatives of the ones he worked for, he was going to meet them at the only mall that city had, Leo knew cause he searched for a nice place on the internet back at his old home. His aunt wanted to drive him but he told her that he was ashamed, she asked for his cellphone number but Leo didnt have any, she got worried and told him that she was going to drive him anyway.
Leo was very nervous to get caught, when they arrived at the mall he stood there for a while, in the meantime his aunt was waiting in the car, he went to her and told her that they werent there yet, and that he was going to quickly look for them inside the mall, she said ok and Leo went, but not to look for them, it was to escape and never see his aunt again.
He planned on looking for an illegal way to cross the border, if he couldnt, he was going to go back to his aunts house and make excuses to stay as long as he could, he had money so it was easy to believe, but he was worried to get caught in his lies, he wasnt used to lie and it was troublesome for him.
Leo was an evil person, so his luck got better again. He arrived at the border line, it was incredibly full of cars and people of all kinds, Leo discretely talked and asked different people for a way to cross, it wasnt difficult because they all were there to cross one way or another.


Eventually he found someone who led him to a bus, he paid to get up and waited there for an hour. He got desperate but other people there had waited for four, and the bus was slowly getting full, so he thought it was going to be alright.
At some time the bus closed the door and left the place, they had told Leo and the rest that they were going to the other line near there, and they did, and the bus crossed, and it went its merry way to suddenly stop, opened the doors and nastily screamed for everyone to leave and run, everybody did including little Leo, who was more ashamed than afraid.


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