Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 09

The rest ran away however they could while carrying their stuff, looking for their relatives or friends to take shelter, but Leo was different, he was alone, he was wearing nice clothes, he had white skin, he looked young and handsome, strong and confident, he could speak english and had a peculiar natural accent, he also had money.
He looked for a decent not expensive hotel and paid for a room, then he searched for a bus to that other city he had read on the internet, the city she lived in.
He had planned to spend the night at the hotel room but it was very painful, he couldnt sleep at all knowing that he could still go back to his previous life, he just needed to cross the border back to his country, get to his aunts house, into a plane and then back to his mothers house. He imagined everything over there, he cried in anger for his lost life but there was no going back now, he rather kill himself than becoming his old self again. He wanted to destroy the path that led him back, so that same night he took the bus to that other city, away from the borderline, where everything he loved resided so, near.
His plan was to found a cheap place to stay, like an immigrant house where lots of people reside in one room and mostly is to just sleep at night while you work during the long of the day, but instead of working, he then could lurk around certain places looking for that beautiful special person. The city was huge and there was strange people everywhere, but he had some information that came from the internet, he found out that his beloved actress supported certain causes, that she frequented certain places related to those causes, it was the perfect opportunity, without that he would have been completely lost.
Im not gonna say which causes, it doesnt really matter, it could have been anything, he was going to act like he belonged there, act like he was a wonderful person, not perfect because that would be annoying, he had to be a little clumsy sometimes, get a little angry or mad; he was going to act like someone fun, interesting, goodlooking, easygoing, caring, without a trouble; even when his insides where burning into desperation and madness, he was going to hold all that inside, not letting anything pass through his skin, he needed to be that way, he had to be hers.
When he walked down that street, he was like a child staring at his feet, and there is where he met her, and the music started to play.


At first, his eyes found her and his body stealthy followed like attracted by a spell, he wanted to burst but he painfully hold everything in order to be able to move his lips with naturality, for his voice to reach her ears, it was a powerful magic trick that brought his body next to hers, what he saw was beyond incredible, he remembered all those times at the tv or the computer, the desperation in his heart crushing behind some inanimated materials and a timeless mechanic recording, she wasnt there in the middle of nowhere at a faraway poor land, but with magic, she now was right in front of him.
Leo quickly realized that everything had just begun, he was able to perform a mysterious magic but everything could disappear in one second, he needed to be extremely careful yet he couldnt let her go, he desperately needed to attach himself to her since day one, it meant that he knew he wasnt becoming hers in a single day, it meant to be acknowledged by her and at least get some contact information, so he could somehow communicate with her directly about, whatever.
Leo took a deep breath, decided to give all confidence to his abilities and let everything just happen, the worst would be to lose character and a possible second chance.
Little Leo was a great actor, even with the riptide tearing his insides, he was able to play along, at some point he noticed that she was looking at him while he spoke, he wanted to laugh like a little kid to her but knew it wasnt his place.
Was Leo a horrible person? I dont know anymore, he must have been because his luck kept improving and she started to smile at him. It turned out that she was very bored but had to attend that event because of one of her personal and business relations, she thought that Leo was funny and was having a nice time around him, he saw the miracle in front of his eyes and eventually approached when she was alone. They talked and laughed for a while, Leos head was spinning and had trouble concentrating, he must have lost part of his brain just to put himself together, he acted like someone who didnt watch tv and who didnt know who she was, he even said that he was sorry for not knowing her before. When she asked about him, he already prepared a little story that wasnt really a lie, he said that he was an immigrant, that he had a good life but there were some family problems and he had to leave his house, that he came to the country with the little money he had left, that he was living in an immigrant house and that he was hungry because he hadnt eat. The actress thought of giving him some money to help, but then she thought it may have looked rude, so she rather invited him to eat something casual, after all, she was having some fun and it was a good excuse to leave the event earlier.


When they were about to go inside her car, Leo realized how far he had come, his mind was confused and didnt understand what was happening, he was just some idiot poor boy who lived in the middle of a wasteland, he was nobody, he had nothing, he was a shadow and she was the sun, if she stood he could not, he didnt belong in that car, his place was not next to her, he was an evil person who dared to perform a forbidden magic to become someone she could look at, he was so sad that the second he sat inside her car, he started to uncontrollably cry, she asked what was going on and he told her that nobody have ever been so nice to him before, that he was sorry for crying, he wanted to say more but he could not, he just repeated in tears that he was sorry… sorry, sorry.

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