Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 10

The actress could finally calm Leo down, but his magic had already made another trick, ever since that moment she looked at him with different eyes, Leo looked to her like a lovely handsome dummy little boy who needed someone to take care of him.
The actress told him to cheer up and drove to a family restaurant, Leo forgot about everything and decided to relax and enjoy the wonderful and incredibly time together with her, Leo left behind his past, the desperation and madness, his old house and his pathetic former self, he was so happy now, at that very moment.


Leo behaved like a little funny kid and her maternal feelings emerged, she even cleaned his mouth with her napkin after both were playing with the food. They ordered many desserts and at the end their stomachs were about to explode. She thought it would be nice to get a rest, then she told him that if he was a good boy she was going to show him her home, he said “Im gonna be a good boy!” and they left the restaurant.
He felt a little worried about going to her place, he asked if it was ok and she awkwardly answered that she just got divorced, she said so in such a strange voice he hadnt heard before, not all those times watching tv, nor a little while ago, she stopped there and made a weird face when she realized that she didnt really need to say that, Leo asked what happened and she said that she couldnt stand him anymore, that it was awful because they were years together and had children, then he behaved uncaring and distant, she started to hate him, there were many problems and finally she filed for the divorce. Leo was happy for the apparent good news, and felt pity for the idiot who was left behind, he even joked with her about his poor old husband because she looked very strong.
And now, the great magician was inside that warm and kind home, he felt like someone who escaped from hell and managed to find a way into heaven. The bizarre and confusing time when she presented him to her children arrived, Leo had no idea of what to think or do in front of that boy and girl, so just as before, he acted and said a nice hello to the kids and their nanny.
She didnt plan to kept him for long, the nanny went home and they all ended up having a good time together, hours fled and night began to fall, eventually the two kids got tired and sleepy, so the mother took them to their room while Leo waited sitting down on a sofa.
He had a question he tried to bury but was no use to do so, he nearly abandoned all reason for magic to take its place, as he couldnt believe the reality that surrounded him at that so lively moment, all the time he was heavily against all odds, and then, from an instant to another, everything had changed, but why? why him? and how come it was so soon?. There was no other answer, it was magic.
That little uncomfortable goodbye talk started to happen when she came back, he said that he didnt want to go back to the ugly place where he used to sleep, yet her kindness was not going so far, she needed something from him if she was going to allow him to be there for a day, he had nothing, therefore she took him.
Leo was very shy, he started to shake as she firmly looked directly at his face, he could only tremble when she touched his arm, she asked him if anything was wrong, he nervously said he was ok and that he was happy, very happy to be with her. He wasnt moving so she hold his head and began to kiss him, slowly then passionately, she could taste the tears that fell from his eyes, suddenly she stopped and laughed a little with her face next to his. Leo tried to wipe his tears, when she saw him, she hugged him, kissed and licked his neck, touched his body while pressing hers against his, she slowly undressed him and pushed him to lay on the sofa, with her on top of him.
She kissed him for a very long moment, she hadnt take off neither her underwear nor his, she ordered him to wait there and not to move while she was going to get something, then he froze, when she came back, she took Leos underwear and tossed it away, she brought a condom and she told him that she was going to put it on him. Leo said that he didnt want it, that it was fine like this, she laughed and said that she was the responsible husband and that she was going to force him to.


The moment of truth came and she started to remove her underwear, Leo was still laying down on the sofa, she was standing next to him, first she took her bra off then her panties, to finally lay on top of Leo as she grabbed everything between his legs. Leo gave up on and became completely hers, he obeyed what she said, he moved however she wanted, he was like an extension of her body during that magical moment of, happiness?

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