Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 11

When the actress finished having sex with him, she remained on top for a while as their sweat mixed and they absorbed each others breaths. Eventually she got off his body and took the condom away, she then told him that she was sorry but he had to sleep at his place because she wasnt comfortable with her kids, he got sad and just nodded with his head. She dressed herself and had to help him dress too because he was very clumsy doing it alone. She asked him if he was hungry, he nodded yes and she brought him some cookies and a juice for him to take home, called a cab and gave him the money to pay it.
Finally she asked for his cellphone number, but Leo didnt have any, she got surprised then annoyed, she thought for a moment what to do and then told him to come back to her home in a couple of days, she wrote down her address and cellphone number to be put in his hand. The taxi arrived for Leo and they both waved goodbye.
Leo hated the idea to be around a bunch of strange people he didnt like, he needed privacy to try thinking straight. Since he already entered heaven, he decided to spend some money, ditch the immigrant house at least for the week and pay for a moderate hotel room. Finally there, he jump on the bed and started to cry, it wasnt because he was just sad, it was because he had too much emotions inside his heart.
Leo wanted to make an excuse and go back the next day, but he knew it would be pushing his luck, his magic too far, she had said a couple of days so he had to wait and not make her mad, but it wasnt easy, Leo had a million desperate fears inside him, he thought that she was going away or just change her mind while he was locked inside that room, the waves of fear were painful and merciless, but he was able to hold for the day.
He had the brilliant idea to buy a cheap cellphone and call to let her know his new number, but by the time he thought of it was very late at night, so he decided to wait for the next day, because in some hours he was going to met her again. He also had a little nightmare about his past, but he quickly cleared it out of his mind.
Leo was dizzy from all the fears inside his head, but he didnt want to look too bad or sick in front of her. He knocked at her door and felt the magic when she opened it and smiled hello to him.


As their relation developed, Leo felt more secure and started to move on his own, he could talk by himself with confidence and even began to tease her. Leo was still highly dependent of the actress but not completely like when he first met her.
Maybe because he started to be a good person, maybe it was fate, maybe, I dont know, whatever, but his magic met a very poisonous toxin called “her real life”. For Leo, she was the whole world, but for the actress he was just a casual relation that was going to end terribly wrong.
Leo was lovely but after all, she was an adult with grown up needs and he just behaved like a little kid; she had her social relationships, status and career, while he only had her; she had a beautiful home with her children, he had nothing but the body he stood on.


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