Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 12

The actress had enough of Leos strange behavior, she hold with patience for a while but things went too far, and suddenly out of her control.
At first, Leo often had panic or anxiety attacks whenever she talked to someone else, and she was a very social person, so poor little Leo kept shaking, the actress was worried about him until one time her exhusband called and Leo got angry, for someone else he would have looked cute and childish, but the actress already understood Leos mind and wasnt happy about it.
It was a very difficult situation for her, normally she would separate from the person at least for some time, but Leo had no home, money or job, he didnt have any friends nor family, because he was completely alone she made the huge mistake of showing him her home where her kids were, she liked Leo, but he was dust in comparison to her children.
The actress slowly decided to get rid of Leo, thought that his problems werent hers, planned to get him professional help for his mental issues and charity help for his financial ones, if everything went well maybe later help him become a legal resident, for him to have a normal life of his own, one that would catch the attention at that moment was placed on her.
It was clear to Leo that she didnt want him anymore, she stopped touching him and always kept a safe distance, like he had some weird disease or a curse, and she didnt want to infect herself with. For some reason her kids werent around anymore, she wasnt talking about herself, she wasnt smiling, she wasnt asking about him, Leo never understood why she turned like that, he never hurt her, he was never aggressive, he never lied to her, it was the nature of a casual relationship coming to an end, the light in his eyes flickered for a minute, then the magic, it was gone.


One day she called Leo and asked him to come to her home, this time she sounded very serious. When he arrived he wasnt allowed to go and sit on the sofa like usual, the actress instructed him to sit on a chair of a dinning room table, and he did, there were several documents she had prepared for him, she kept talking about help for this and that, he nodded yes but became bored and annoyed, he stopped caring at all. When she saw that he wasnt listening, she took all the papers and put them into a folder, then handed them to Leo as she gave him the warning of not coming back until he got help, and that she could be her friend from now on and only if he did things well.
That was the moment when Leo broke into a thousand pieces, his mind was blank and his heart crushed, he felt he hadnt done anything wrong to her yet she hated him now, as she was tossing him into a void. When Leo could finally recover his breath, he thought about saying something but quickly realized that he had nothing to say, so he told her the only defense he could figure out, that he wasnt going anywhere.
The actress felt that he was going to respond like that, so she ordered him to go out of her home, he kept quiet and watching the floor, she repeated the same a couple of times and then increased her warning, she said that if he saw him again near her or the children she was going to call the police, and that if he didnt leave she was going to call them now.
She was just dealing with an annoyance after some cheap relation, but for Leo it was the worldend, he could never understand why she hated him so much, he kept thinking but he could never find an answer. Leo stood up, took the papers and tossed them away, grabbed the chair he was sitting on and kicked it against the wall, then stood in front of his beloved actress while watching the floor, trying to gather forces to look at her face, but he was interrupted by a couple of very strong punches on his face.


Leo bit his lip and finally looked at her eyes, then said as he got up from the floor, after his legs couldnt hold the weight anymore, “why is it that you beat me? it isnt any fun.”

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