Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 13

Leo sobbed while hiding his face with his hands, she kept quiet and let him cry, but she didnt regret what she had done. She didnt wish to harm Leo, in fact she wanted him to get better, thats why she bothered about the professional help for him, she was also sorry to have messed with his feelings, she felt that all those things she did with him were wrong, that she should have seen Leo as he was, a little boy who needed help.
Leo could not understand anything, so he decided to completely open his heart to his beloved actress, if it was the end, he wanted to say everything before he died.
He started talking about his old life, his family, his old house and the way he used to live. When she felt the story was going for long, she invited him to sit again, and told him not to ever kick the chair again.
She heard part of the story, the one that said that he never related to anybody and such, but nothing changed in her heart, on the contrary, it confirmed that he needed special help, she thought that maybe medication was necessary, and before he could continue, she told him that it might be better if he went back to his family, as he needed someone to take care of him; for her, it was obvious that he wasnt capable of living alone, if he couldnt go back to his family back at his country, maybe he needed to be hospitalized in a special clinic, she wondered how expensive was that, he was alone and she probably had to pay for that herself.
Little Leo then was a tiny lonely ant looking for a grain of sugar inside the actresss kitchen cabinet, he felt like he was a handicapped slave and she was the master of the land, he was not allowed to be a person just like she was, the one declaring it right in front of him, he was a shadow and she was the sun, he had no right nor reason to exist in that world.
She was in a complicated situation, she wanted to tell Leo to go home and maybe meet someplace else a few days later, but she was worried about what could happen to him if he was left alone, she was about to ask if he remembered his old house phone number when Leo said something surprising that caught her attention.
Leo said that he was sorry for lying the day they met, that he had seen her on tv before, that he lied because he was afraid to give a wrong impression. She laughed and said that it was ok, but Leo told her that he wasnt sure if it was alright, then continued with his story.
The mood turned heavy and grey, her expression firm and full of anger, she always thought Leo was a little innocent boy, yet he did everything with an intention, he was there because he planned for it, he left everything behind for a crazy dream with her image, and now he was there right before her eyes, making her feeling responsible for him and his twisted actions.


The anger became desperation when she heard how he got the money to travel and stay there, how he cruelly abandoned his family and himself and how he managed to get in touch with her.
In the actresses mind, it was clear that Leo sitting down in front of her was the result of many terrible sins, that he didnt belong there and he did many forbidden things to be able to.
When she realized the tragedy she got involved with, she really wanted to know the reason why Leo did all those horrible acts, why did he become so sick, what faulty map had brought him inside her house. She took a deep breath and used her kind voice to ask him what he was feeling when he did all that, to her surprise, Leo smiled and showed expressions of happiness, it seemed to be something he always wanted to tell her, his joy made her believe it was the first day they met, it was difficult for her to hold anger against such a naive smile.
The joy quickly turned into something else, Leo started to tell a story about his lost family, not the one at the wasteland, his true beautiful family he deeply loved. It was a cute and sad story constructed from what Leo said were his remaining memories, Leo suddenly stopped and stared at his beloved actress who didnt know what he wanted, she was about to ask when the shocking moment happened, he told her that he believed she was his mother or his sister.


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