Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 14

The reason for Leo to be jealous of her exhusband and everyone, also the little play fights with her children, it was now clear, she never felt it was a sexual driven action for him to be with her, it was always a heavy sentimental one, like she was someone very special for him just because she was born.


Leos actions made sense now, he was too afraid to have sex, it was difficult to touch him if they werent playing something, it was impossible for him to push forward, it hurt him so much for some reason, he didnt traveled from so faraway for a romantic relationship with some strange person, he wanted to meet his true family.
The actress stopped being angry at him, but the problems just kept piling up, now she was supposed to be his relative. She carefully listened to his story, it was a clumsy one because he didnt remembered much, most of the facts he had stated were deduced, he barely had any hard data at all.
It was cruel but necessary to let him know, she told him that she didnt know what he was talking about, she was over forty and he was only thirty, she obviously wasnt his younger sister, she told him that it was certain that she wasnt his mother, and she was sorry for giving him the bad news.
Leo became very impatient, he wanted answers for everything he had said, but she didnt want to keep going on, it was troublesome for her, she had responded to a couple with a feeling of certainty, but Leo had many more questions in his heart.
The actress decided to give Leo a little explanation about her family, she included a few photos and names, it didnt last long and Leo was still unhappy with her story, there was a doubt, as if, maybe, she could have overlooked something.
She realized that Leos heart was set to believe and was not going to be easy to convince him otherwise. The actress decided to give a final statement and make Leo leave her house, she declared that she was not his mother, that she was not his sister, that she was not related to him, that it was all a delusion from his sick mind, that it could have been any other actress but it happened to be her, that he didnt belong there, that he deluded himself of a true family because he couldnt manage his own life, that he destroyed his own self because he hated himself, that all his so called memories were made up in order to make him feel better, that he didnt have any evidence of his so called true family, that he was just a poor little boy who got sick and started to have fantasies to comfort himself of his horrible reality.
Leo slowly cried in agony and anger but she didnt stop, she knew he didnt belong there and she had to put him in his proper place. The actress waited for Leo to be able to give a final answer or give up and seek the medical help he needed so much. It took him a long while to be able to put some words together between all his tears and sobbing, he seemed to gather his last energies just to said his last words before the worldend: “you hurt me so much when you ignore me, you have no idea how much”.


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