Reo 02 ~Satellite of Love~ ch 15


The actress had enough of dealing with Leo, he could cry all he wanted but nothing was going to happen, she wasnt going to turn her precious life around some sick foreign kid who called himself a relative, he had no place in that world and she wanted to throw him out of her house and her life. I wonder if little magician Leo still has a last trick to save his life.
She felt she didnt need to call the police, she didnt want to explain how he got there and her relationship with him, she could force him before to do things she wanted and she was going to do it again, she got up her chair and stood next to a still crying Leo, she made a pointing sign and told him to get out of her house, but he wasnt listening.
The actress really had enough of Leos behavior, he looked like a little kid but he wasnt at all. She pushed and knocked him down the chair, he hit himself with another chair before bouncing on the ground, and of course he kept crying, she was sick of it, so she kicked him a couple of times on his chest and his back, then another couple, she was frustrated after all the problems and discussions she had in her recent life, so she kicked Leos head until he stopped moving.
When she calmed down she realized that she had gone too far, that it wasnt her normal self, for some reason she had become in rage with some sick kid she barely knew, she believed that she was a good person and was determined to help him get over his illness.
She realized that it was dangerous for her family and herself, even if she could somehow deal with him, Leo could go after her kids, friends, her fame or other family members, she thought that it was too much to handle for her alone, she had to admit what happened and ask other people for help. While Leo was still on the floor, she took the phone and called a couple of her friends, she explained the emergency and they soon arrived there.
First a woman arrived, quickly followed a man, they had around the same age as the actress, they were very worried about her. When they met her, they asked her if she was ok, they looked at her body in fear of finding any injury, felt glad to not see any and gave her a warm hug. They were curious and asked where Leo was, she pointed at the kitchen as he was still laying on the floor, the man went first to check him, when he saw him defenseless, he called the other girls to join him.
In the meanwhile, Leo still was not sure of the fact that he didnt belong there, the arguments in his mind could still go both ways, but the actress ended her relation with him, she was not going to talk to him anymore and there was nothing he could do about it, he was completely alone again, and not only that, the answers inside his mind had abandoned him as well, he tried so hard to remember, he knew he chose her for a reason, there was a million easier delusions to fulfill, yet he chose this one, there was something in her eyes, her voice, her movements, he sensed that there was something but he cannot see it, he wanted to know her, he wanted to know himself, but he didnt have a soul, therefore she did not want him, it was clear for a defeated homeless boy, if he could have played her game, they would have become a happy couple, he wasnt laying on her kitchen floor for no reason.
He went there to met her no matter what, he sacrificed his life just to have a chance to see her for real, he wasnt going to change at the last moment. He got up the floor, fixed his clothes and took his sit again while the actress and her friends stared at him from the opened kitchen door.
Leo was very serious, he apologized for all the troubles he had cause, then he asked with a kind voice to the actress if she was completely sure of what she had said before, she started to cry and said yes, he cried too and told that he was going to accept what she said to him, that he was sorry but he couldnt remember much about himself.
The actress and her friends became confident and sat at the table with him, she began to talk again about the professional help he needed, then the friends joined her and gave Leo tips about what to do, obviously on his own, none of them was going to bother walking with him along that miserable way, as he saw the actress happily talking to her friends, Leo realized that he truly didnt belong there, he was just a poor little boy from a faraway ugly town in the middle of nowhere, nobody he loved wanted to play with him and his horrible heart, he needed to change himself into something he was not and beg for a chance to be let in again.
Leo was not pleased with what his beloved actress wanted, but she won the fight and he was lucky to be even alive. Leo agreed to all her propositions and promised to do everything as she said. The mood was lighter as the problem solved and they started to talk about other things Leo had nothing to do with, he could only make an empty smile while watching their conversation, thinking that men do not belong with the angels, spirits nor gods, and gravity was there to enforce the rules of this huge and powerful world, as that empty smile of him kept growing larger.
They finally implied that he should leave, he got up from his seat and announced his farewell, he promised to write a letter to inform her of his progress with the treatments and such. He said thanks and left the house while they waved goodbye at him.
And Leo did as he promised, there was a carnage inside him but he had lost that fight with his beloved actress, he was going to obey everything unless he could somehow fight her back. He went to the treatments, charities, all kinds of organizations that help with this or that, he met a ton of people with a bunch of diverse problems and a lot of employees trying not so hard to somehow help them solve those.
Leo threw himself to whatever they told him to do, he soon was the favorite everywhere for being such a nice person, an example to every other nagging patient or poor people waiting in a line, although its probably not accurate to call him like that, it was not like he was getting any better, not even with the drugs, he just kept his promise of doing whatever she said because he couldnt remember anything.
Leo used to write letters to her, he included photos and documents, reviews from doctors, psychologists, teachers, priests, and whoever wanted to write something about him. The actress used to write him back a brief letter that said she was happy for him, Leos empty smile could not be bigger.
As time passed, Leo did not get better, he felt the drugs only hurt him but he took them anyway, he tried very hard to follow every instruction but that made him very weak and tired, he could barely get up in the morning but he went to every event in his schedule.
Leo had left a meeting and was on the way to sit in a park for the rest of the evening, something he often did. That day the sun had been very bright and he had trouble opening his eyes, with the little strength he had, he kept walking in direction of the park, suddenly, he heard a big noise to his right and before he could turn his head, something fractured his body in half as it hit his hips, then the fall broke his arms, shoulders, a leg and his head.
It wasnt really waking up, it was something similar, he slightly opened his eyes and heard a voice fading, it was asking many unintelligible questions he had no idea how to answer. He tried many times to move his lips and ask for the actress, but he couldnt, he eventually had to give up as he lost control of himself and slowly died.
He loved her so much yet, he couldnt love her at all, and the world ended for him right there.


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