Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 01


“Thats right, the curse never existed.
It was just a strange environment that allowed people to perform in the name of the curse.
It was just an environment.
It doesnt mean anything unless there are demons who dance in that environment.”
The skyline stains in dark red as the rules of the world change.
The search inside a cage, drawing a circle that never ends.
For I have found, you.
What will it take for you to believe
that I would do anything for you?


Taken by the Demons 01


A lonely, tired and forever depressed boy finally found something after a long while of wasted years, he lived all of his boring life waiting for it to happen, a very bad attitude towards life, yet it did happen, of course he didnt find it in a store or a local library, not that he didnt searched there, he did, but it wasnt there.
He had looked in other places as well, the malls, the buses, the supermarket, burger joints, downtown, and of course it wasnt there, it wasnt anywhere near his town or state, not even his country or culture, what a horrible place for a young boy like that to live and grow up, though its not fair to ask a whole country for something that is not even there in the first place.
The dumb little boy remained looking and the stress kept building, he got desperate and started to do the weirdest things a normal boy would never do, he started to see things in a completely different configuration, while everybody else was looking for money, partners and status, he searched for the deep cloudy feelings that had no logic for a boy of his age.
And everything started to move, there was nothing else so he worked with what he had, a new logic was remembered, a new expression, voices, emotions and paths, a new world that was silently dreaming, “oh, it has been so long, sooo looong since I had done anything”, was said as he was always anxious, he wanted to be running outside, yet he was told while gently restraining that his place was inside his room, that the times had changed since ages ago, his body was alive but extremely weak and injured, the dumb little boy couldnt notice so it was remembered for him.
Leo was a deeply depressed boy, yet he had no idea where it came from. This wouldnt have bothered him so much if he wasnt in the need to move, he reached a point in his young life when he had to decide what to do, how, and the effects for the rest of his days.
He hated his family but with time he slowly created a more steady relationship with them, they were used to blame and demand each other for stuff, one day Leo realized it was stupid and stopped doing it, he decided to find good things in life by himself, a long span of repetition had ended in his lonely self.
Where Leo lived, it was very common for the sons or daughters to live with their parents or other relatives even as grown adults, the main reason was poverty, most people didnt have the money to go and live on their own, neither had a way to make the money, you could save some coins and eventually buy something nice, but that was it, for that kind of people.
Little Leo had a large room with a normal bathroom that only he could use, he had the whole second floor for himself, which included his room, another small one with the laundry machine, a big patio with ceramic tiles floor, and a narrow roof that covered the way between rooms. So even when he was living with his parents, Leo enjoyed a wonderful isolated place with enough privacy to walk around naked all day.
I have called him stupid so many times, yet most people around him would have loved to look like him and be smart as he was, but Leo never really took advantage of it, he was an easygoing happygolucky kid who just wanted to play around. Some dude once told him that if he had his presence, he would be happily surrounded by girls, Leo liked girls but for some reason he was alone.
Leo did not have selfesteem problems, yet he thought so little about himself when he was facing trouble or depression, he used to ask himself for things out of his personality and many times for things out of the normal rules of this world, he obviously couldnt and kept blaming himself for being so useless.
At the end, at the very end of the decision, he realized that rather than just deal with the situation, he needed power, he wanted it, he desired that power, like you can say most people do, but Leo was for some reason, maybe stupidly different, he did not want to use his charisma and turn into a politician, make lots of immoral money and be someone inside that privileged circle; he did not want to use his strength and turn into a leader in the drug dealing business or some other type of mafia that eventually drug deals as well, to have big guns and influence while surrounded by packs of bills; he didnt even want to use his family, lick his aunts husband and cousins feet in order to get a nice well paid normal job. Violently stealing peoples money in the middle of some street came from a so called necessity, but it didnt come from his heart, so he did not do it.
The power Leo wanted was the one within himself, he didnt even knew if it was really there and in case it was, its true shape. He could only sense that power, he was alone, he did not have a mirror, that power existed only inside his mind covered in darkness.
And one day, the boy discovered the configuration and then he could use it, his own power of an uncertain shape, the catalyst was “why stop when you can just do it?” while in the depths of a blind and tortuous situation, he may or may not could just forget and move on.
At the end is just another ant dealing with the fact that its only a small grain of sand in the vast and lonely beach; oh, look, here comes a riptide, like the jealousy of a father over a runaway mother, will he be able to do what he could not?


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