Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 02

Leo was a lucky little boy, he was trying to play whatever he could in the sidewalk outside his house, he was failing miserably when some neighbour and a male visitor were going out and into their car parked on the street, Leo noticed that the visitor had dropped his wallet but he never picked it up, they left in the car, leaving the wallet on the ground, so he playfully went to where it was and put it inside his pocket, the thought of knocking their door and giving it back crossed his mind, causing him to laugh loudly before going inside his house and into the little service room he used as his own.


It was lottery happy time, he had won and now it was time to see how much, then he meditated about what to do with his prize, if he had written a list, his million needs would have made that money evaporate, he thought of being realistic, and found an answer.
There was a massage place very near his home, his rented house was close to the corner of a main avenue that once had a lot of gigantic trees between the asphalt, the government eventually cut all of them down, but thats another story; if you take the turn, there was some doctors office and immediately another street, cross it to walk by an all day beer bar and quickly arrive to that wonderful place, ehm, not so much, for some reason it smell shockingly weird, like concentrated cheap perfume that didnt come from the girls, it was the owners choice for the place.
Anyway, Little Leo picked up a good day so his family wouldnt find out that their precious son was going to throw himself into dirty and forbidden lust just around the corner, while spending some stolen money that they could use for something else he did not care at all. He playfully walked to get there, with his tiny fortune in his pocket.
There was a couple of girls sitting down on some cheap plastic chairs, waiting for anyone to come, while giving a view of themselves across the front door to the cars passing by. The door had the shape of a tunnel and was adorned with plain balloons, mmm, maybe, I think the owner was trying too hard. Leo looked behind his back to see if nobody was watching him and got inside.
The girls said hello and asked him what he wanted, he playfully told them that he lived near and was very bored, so he decided to look around, then he found the place and went in. The girls told him that it was a place for grown ups, and that he should come back when he becomes a little older, Leo laughed and told them that he wanted to stay, the girls repeated the same in a begging tone, then Leo told them that he had money and he showed it to them, the girls asked where he got it, implying and later declaring that he might have stolen it from somewhere, probably his parents, Leo kept laughing and told them that it was his savings, that he never found anything good to buy and the money just kept piling up. Finally, the girls told Leo that it may be troublesome to have him there because of his age, but he just kept playfully talking.


The girls seemed to like Leos company, and his small money, one of the girls, a blonde wearing a short black dress, thought it was inappropriate to have him at the front door, so he took his hand and sat him besides her on a sofa near the chairs at the entrance they were using. Leo had said goodbye to the other girl and happily followed the blonde one.
Leo disliked the fake femininity that the girls wore in order to attract the clients, but he knew that their true self was somewhere inside, so he tried to take a look in order to find out if he really liked those girls, that was the reason he talked so much and not just tossed the bills like some idiot.
The girl didnt feel comfortable having Leo at her side, so he took both of his wrists and placed him in front of her, that way she could look him face to face, she could do it because he was just a boy, at least he acted like that.
The first thing the blonde girl told Leo was, while still holding his wrists, if he was serious about it, he said he was; she asked him if he knew what the girls work was, he said he did, and gently touched her knees; she questioned if he had done it before, Leo responded that he didnt remember and laughed, then the girl told him to be more quiet.
The blonde girl tried to take advantage of the situation and told Leo that if he wanted, he needed to give her all the money, but Leo said that if he did, he wouldnt be able to come back another day, and the girl smiled.
They agreed a proper price and the blonde girl took Leo to a private room upstairs, the place was a house turn into it, then they both started to undress and, well, something happened. It became very different than a normal client relation, on most of those, the girl just gave her body for the client to have pleasure, sometimes under certain rules defined by the place, the need for clients or the taste and will of the girl, but Leo acted some other way, he was looking for the girls feelings, forced them out her shell with every daring touch, every piercing sight and every forbidden word, he pushed her into confessing her true self and had lustfulforgetitall sexual contact with those emotions around them.

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