Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 03

With time and mutual lust, Leo had become a friend of some of the girls working at that massage place, Leo tagged along with the nice ones and sometimes teased the bitter ones until a friend told him to stop, which they didnt always do, they liked Leo making certain girls go mad.
At first, Leo only had sex with the blonde girl until she started to have second thoughts, and after talking to her friends working there, she decided not to turn it into a personal relationship and then shared Leos company among them.
Leo was fun to be with even when he wasnt giving them any money, thats the reason he didnt become a special client, a secret lover, a boyfriend or a husband, he became something else. Girls who work with their body to sexually pleasure other people, for some reason or another can end up getting pregnant, theyre doing the act of getting pregnant, they usually get in the middle of complicated and twisted relationships, or they can just fall in love with someone and let things happen. Leo became part of this special small circle he felt very comfortable in, the one that had the pretty girls in provocative dresses ready to do disgraceful acts in order to get money, giving him cookies and juice after asking him to wash his hands.
It wasnt always their own kids, sometimes it was a girl relative or friend with her kids spending time together while she waited for a client, the owner was nice enough to let them be there on the small beside the entrance sofas, he knew it meant a lot to the girls and made them feel stronger, having your little ones near was much better than relying on drugs or becoming abuse addicted to some stupid ugly dude.
Leo was part of this group, but for what he could see, even when the girls shared very intimate moments with their little ones, it never became what used to happen with Leo.
After many months of playing around, sometimes exciting others kinda boring, a lot of changes happened and Leo became distant from that place. A couple of his relatives died, he didnt really care about them, so he acted normal while there was nothing inside. Leos family then bought a house and moved there, so Leo wasnt that close to the massage place anymore, it was only one block away but it made a lot of difference.
A sunday morning, around nine am, most of the neighbours heard a brief shooting, some got afraid, some got curious, some were already used to it, some were at church inside the catholic priest seminary, some were sleeping Im sure.
It wasnt that bad, last time there was a shooting, the police for some reason was chasing a car of peon drug dealers, there was a large shooting session that include very noisy grenades, but this time it was only a few shots.
A sad feeling was awaiting Leo at some internet local news site, he found out that the shooting was at the back exit of the massage place, the one that had a small parking space, that a girl was coming in or out from a big car and some dude from another one had shot her dead and her bloody corpse sat at the drivers seat.
It became the gossip of the day for the neighbours, they all told stories about how she deserved it and that she had it coming, that the girls didnt think before working at that sort of places, although they never questioned the government for allowing those to make business, they never complained about them in spite of being a neighbourhood full of religious freaks with a huge two full blocks priest making center in the middle, they knew that it was probably sponsored by some dirty politician, so they wouldnt never really complain beside their little talks with their friends, it was much easier to blame some poor and maybe stupid girl for her own murder.
Leo was cold hearted about it, he didnt let a word or feeling came out of him and behaved perfectly normal, when he had time and thought that things had calmed down, he visited the place and had small talks with the girls he knew, some were affectionate, some kinda boring, it became difficult for him to go back and he just moved on with his life.


Leo still lived near and sometimes he passed by, then he came close to the little stone cross planted outside, it had metallic bars around to protect it but he could easily place his hands inside the small cage and gently touch the stone cross with his palm for a couple of long seconds, the ones when he remembered the girl being his intimate friend, then the later memory of her, losing herself in some lousy relations, becoming wealthy and arrogant, to finally end up horribly murdered. The couple of seconds passed, the contact stopped, his hand moved apart and he walked away towards his home, saying a very cold and brief goodbye to that blonde dead girl.


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