Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 04


Little Leo was laying on his bed inside his new big isolated room, he has been very uncomfortable lately, so much that he decided to stop doing everything, he had a lot of things going on in his life at that moment, many were moving forward, he was just doing them because it was obvious and were part of his life, but he wasnt happy and decided to stop until he could realize what was really going on.
He was very confused, so he thought of starting with something simple, then he remembered how he could fulfill his dream of being among those pretty girls, he always wanted to, he was annoyingly frustrated when he was an idiot outsider drooling for a chance, by then that was gone but there was a new feeling in his sight. He felt sad yet he never cried, the sadness never reached his nerves, it wouldnt make his mood swing, he just thought it was sad.
When the blonde girl died he felt sorry for her in several types of thoughts, but never enough to go find the murderer and avenge her, he didnt even know if they caught him, he never cared enough to ask his former friends, he didnt want to get himself involved into that paranoid, scared and resented environment, so he just left that place and never went back.
It not like Leo wouldnt defend his friends, he tried before the murder, the other girls as well, yet the blonde girl had become servant of her desires and decided to follow. She was usually nice to her friends, but she always was too bitter about money, which is sadly normal for her kind, a girl who normally looks at herself in the mirror and wonder if she was going to do that all of her life, you may not think about it at the beginning, but as time passes a lot of questions emerge, for how long am I going to be young? good looking? desirable? poor? single? am I going to live like this the rest of my life? am I going to become that old woman selling bubble gum to cars at the other corner of the block? will I get sick? pregnant? married? rich? or, killed?
One time the blonde girls personality changed because she found a special client who was very generous to her, she loved the money and possessions in many ways, but she didnt love him. She started to play a dangerous game which is sadly common in her profession, she wasnt just hired to do things, she became personally related to the clients because she was earning a lot of money and appreciation, nothing unnatural from that, except that her friends were telling her to be cautious because those people didnt seemed completely sane at all, yet she decided to blindly follow, she did not look at her friends and told them with a serious face that it was her choice, no, no and no, she played dumb and said to everyone that it was alright and that they were jealous or envy about her success, until one day she lost the game by getting herself shot many times outside the back exit of the massage place.
Leo had the blonde girl spinning inside his mind, but not because she was killed, maybe it was because he wasnt the one who murdered her, wouldnt? wouldnt it be nice if it was me the one? the one who murdered her?
The one who get to drink her blood, the one who is gonna be passionately remembered, the one who outlived her because of ones actions, the one who finished all those little things one hate and then forever possess her fate, the one who becomes the eternal powerful certainty that made her world end; wouldnt? wouldnt it be lovely? wouldnt it be lovely if that one was me? me me me me, ehehe ehehe ehehe.


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