Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 05

Leo knew that he needed money to move, but there was something more troublesome that he needed to take care right away. He was completely fed up with going to school, that useless prison that led nowhere was a trap for him not to move forward, it may have been appropriate for kids who needed a nanny and a shiny paper, but he didnt care about those nor had anything to do with it. He was a little secundaria kid who needed to break free as a so called true man.
The main problem was his mother, everyone else around him was easy to manipulate for one reason or another, it was his mother the one locking him there. Before doing anything, Leo investigated about escuelas abiertas (open schools, they give you what to study, some help if needed, you study on your own, pass the exams and get a shiny paper, was created for adults who didnt went to school, people who lived faraway from a school, or for someone like Leo, who just wanted to get over it), he went to public offices and those schools in order to gather material and show it to her mother, but when he did, her square and useless “what is people going to think about us?!” mind exploded in Leos twitching in rage face. He gave her a few minutes to think it over but she refused again, a third time and she ordered him to stop with his nonsense and weirdness.


Leo had a plan b, he said ok to his mother and kept quiet, had a nice dinner, played around a little and went to sleep kinda early. The next day, he got up late and left for school after leaving behind his mothers screams, arrived at the school, but instead of going into his classroom, he went pass the principal office, noticed that he was alone, came back and went in, said hello and punched him as hard as he could on his idiotic face, left him on the floor and quickly but discretely went to his classroom.


Eventually, he saw a few staff members including the principal looking at the classrooms, it seemed like the principal didnt knew who Leo was so they were looking around for him, he played completely cold when an angry teacher pointed at him and aggressively told him to go outside with them, without a fear he asked why and the teacher said that he knew why while all the other students and the teacher giving the class were scared and expectant, Leo told to the audience that he didnt know what he meant but that he was going anyway, calmly packed his stuff and left the classroom to face an angry small mob of religious people and secular teachers.
They had doubts about where to take Leo, they wanted to get away from the rest of the students but they didnt want to gang him in a closed room, so they decided to just walk to the middle of the basketball courts where the whole school could see them yet not so easily hear them. They were worried that Leo might have had a weapon, so they surrounded his sides in a worthless effort to make him nervous which never happened, on the contrary, Leos iced attitude made them feel very uneasy, they have never encountered someone like him before. The other teachers besides the principal did knew or at least have heard about Leo, that he was very smart and had no problem getting good grades all his school life.
Leo may have been under the constant attack of a so called powerful group of adult people, but he perfectly knew his playground, he knew they didnt want things to escalate with bad publicity or a possible dreadful vengeance against the school; he knew that while they were very greedy, the religious group was or had to be at least a tiny more tolerant to certain stuff; it was just a punch from some teenage kid, he didnt really injured the principal nor had intentions to, besides his true one, Leo just wanted to bully the principal a little to show him what the weakest students had to live through in a daily basis, even some weak teachers got bullied there too; Leo had no intention to stay nor collect grades, in fact, the punch was just a warning to the adults.
The first thing a teacher asked was why he did that, they were hoping for a logical answer and for an apology so he would just get suspended and then everybody could move on with their lives, yet Leo had a different idea and calmly said that he didnt knew what they were talking about, which made the school staff inpatient and with time angry. Leo defended himself but obviously no one supported him, he coldly said that it wasnt him, that he was late but went directly to the classroom. At first, Leo worked around the idea that nobody else saw the punch, and it worked for a while until the teachers changed their declarations and started to tell that they did saw it and was him, which did not scare Leo, he told them that it was their word against his, and a bizarre stalemate of a bunch of adults against some teenage kid happened.
Leo finally asked what did they want, that he was starting to feel very uncomfortable in that school and that he may have to actually leave. The teachers understood his words and changed the tone of their voice, they stopped talking about what happened and began to speak about what to do next in a much more normal voice, it seemed that they realized what Leo wanted and it relieved their fears. It wasnt going to be that simple but they were moving forward, one of the main teachers said to the others that he would like to take care of the situation, to call Leos parents to try finding a solution, Leo agreed and the rest after him.
Leo went to the teachers tiny special office, he tried to talk to the troublesome student but he politely rejected, Leo coldly said to him that he was very disturbed by their behaviour so he did not wish to speak, but that he was looking forward a solution.
Eventually Leos stressed out of her mind mother came to school, one can only think what kind of radiation in the womb made them look so different, she was extremely nervous, weak, scared, apologetic, couldnt pronounce the correct words when she needed to speak; she was one step from going to the principal office and rub his face with lotion, sing him a happy song and become his free maid and chef for a week.
The teacher managed the situation properly, he said that it wasnt really much of a problem, that maybe Leo needed, even if he was right and innocent, some time off to relax and forget about what happened. They all agreed to save Leos grades until he was able to came back or decided to move to another school, in exchange Leo wouldnt give them any trouble.
At home, Leos mother was very tired and still freaked out, she tried to lecture Leo many times but was like screaming to a huge mobile rock that was supposed to be her son, so eventually she stopped, thats the time when Leo approached with a solution to all their problems, he showed her again the material about the escuelas abiertas, he told her that he could do it faster than the normal school, that it was going to be incredibly cheaper than before, that they didnt have to worry about anything.
Some time later, the rest of the family heard about the problem and the solution, everyone agreed except Leos sister who tried to make a scene, but Leos mother was too tired and the rest didnt care because it was solved, so she was left alone with her pride and personal anger.

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