Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 06

Little Leo was supposed to be studying for an easygoing school, but he had much more important things to do and just used it to say he was doing something. He did went and signed in, but he never cared to come back.
Leo was too young to be considered an adult, he always hated how everybody treated him like some foolish kid, so he decided to take advantage of it, if he was an adult, he would be considered very scary and the people would quickly run away, or at least be wary of him, but while being a so called kid, he could get closer certain things wearing a twisted innocent and cute mask.
There were plenty of things he felt like doing, but most of them were superficial and shallow, it was going to be problematic to work on those things to finally find nothing. Leo then had two main goals, he needed money in order to move, and he wanted to find his true self, there was no point dating people he didnt care about and have sex he didnt desire to, it made no sense to get a job and have money if he was going to lose his precious time and become a slave of that stupid job, it was worthless being kind to other people who wouldnt even listen to him, it was no use to live with a family he did not considered his own. He had a lot of power within his veins and he wanted to use it, as a consequence he would naturally squeeze everything around him as he grows bigger and careless.
Leo started to do small things to get some little money or food, stealing whatever he could when the opportunity arrived, from people in buses or walking around, neighbourhood stores (tienda de la esquina o tiendita, houses turn into tiny convenience stores, very common where Leo lived), and even going into houses. Leo never beat nor killed anyone because he believed that they werent worth it, he was going to keep his blood drinking to someone his heart felt attached to.
Leos life had improved a lot from the times he was some useless idiotic school boy, he had placed boundaries against his boring, dumb and annoying so called mother, and he wanted to put his so called family in its proper place, he wanted to do it quickly but he realized that those were the people near him when he woke up everyday, so it was going to take time to be done.


There were four, no, five targets within his family, the first one of his quest was his overlydramatic and utterly bitter so called sister, it was the weirdest and most bothersome relation to him, so he wanted that to stop existing. In theory youre supposed to care for each other as brother and sister, but that just couldnt happen at all, she was always jealous and angry towards Leo, she hated him for some reason, only to show some obviously fake caring emotion every now and then, most of them in front of her mother. She never wanted him at her side, she hated the burden placed as her brother, how he took the time away from her and, and it happened since Leo could remember.
In the middle of a wasteland, there was a small dirty street filled with cheap apartment buildings, each building had like four or five floors, each floor had two apartments, in one of those at the first floor, Leos family lived a long time ago. Each apartment had two small rooms, one in front of the other, one of those rooms had two single beds, one for Leo and one for his sister. Above Leos bed, there was a wooden table attached to the wall where he had some toys he played all day with, on the front of his bed there was a furniture that had his clothes inside, besides his bed was his sisters bed with her doing whatever she did, the rest of the room had her stuff. Leo cant remember much about her in spite of being at her side for so long, its like she was another furniture or the wall, a very annoying one.


Leo had three clear memories about that time, the first was waking up in the middle of the night because some screams announced the end of the world, when he opened his eyes, he found out that it was his sister on the other bed scared and jumping because she saw some dirty insect crawling on her bed. She was calling her dad to take care of the situation, but he was too lazy and rarely came to her calls, then the insect hid behind something and the girl ended up sleeping in the bed of her parents. When Leo asked what was going on, they said something he didnt really understand, so he thought a terrible monster was inside their room, he went there, closed the door and slept on the floor at the parents room. By the third time he heard the screams, he got tired of it all, grabbed a shoe, killed the insect, washed his hands and went back to sleep on his bed.
The second memory is an awkward one, The parents left the home for hours and Leos sister was watching a rented movie at the parents room, she was watching something and kept rewinding it, eventually she called Leo to see it too, some soft scene about some ugly people Leo wasted his time seeing, but his sister was excited, she later called Leo and told him it was time to take a bath, since Leo was a little idiot who believed everything, he agreed, so there was the couple in a tiny bathtub, she was telling him what to do in order to somehow recreate the scene of the movie, it was a seduction one so nothing really happened. Leo was bored out of his mind so he ended up saying “is that all?”, his sister got worried, told him yes and continued, he was soooo bored, but it was not because nothing more happened, it was because he didnt feel attracted to her mind nor her body, he wasnt even curious for some reason. Hey Leo, I thought you were a big perv, you shamefully wetted your bed while so young, and now you feel nothing? hehehe.
The third memory was about some xmas gifts, it was the night before, sleeping, Leo got a toy truck and was playing with it on his bed, he kept hearing some noises for a long time until he decided to pay attention, it was his sister bragging about her doll, saying that Leos toy was weird and stupid, she got carried away and ended up insulting him many times with a loud voice, until Leo got tired, he got off his bed, stood in front of her and the doll she was holding on her arms, took a quick look, coldly beheaded the doll and tossed the head at her face. She tried to fight him then but he just pushed his big sister away and she started to cry and scream, that was the time when the lousy parents finally decided to go inside the room, they heard all the insults so at the end they blamed it on her, later consoled her tears by saying that they were going to change the doll for anther one the next day.
For Leo it became very traumatic, he could have ripped his sisters head off and perhaps feel nothing, but he felt extremely guilty about what the doll represented, it was supposed to be her lovely baby that ate, talked, drooled and whatever, she happily wished for it since months ago, and the mere night it became reality, Leo had torn it apart, so he felt awful about destroying those innocent and brightful feelings in the middle of a wasteland that was his home, he even went to the store to witness the doll exchange, he kept asking questions about everything being ok, to the hurt and prideful ears of his sister. The trauma went on for a few years until he realized that it was wrong, that it was just a doll and that her sister was a horrible person in his eyes.
Along the years and different rented places, Leos sister tried to fight and beat him, at first he just blocked the beatings, but then he got tired and easily defended himself, she was supposed to be bigger and stronger but that wasnt happening, Leo could quickly hit and control her, she was so slow in comparison to him that it became a little show, Leo tried to amuse himself with little tricks that made the fights somehow exciting, like one time he noticed she had her eyes half closed when she ran towards him in order to beat him, he got a big laugh by just placing his punching arm in front of him and watched her hit herself against it like some bird smashing itself against a clear window, Leo laughed a lot but later felt bad about his rolling in pain on the ground sister, he got close to her, with a kind voice explained what happened and advised her to pay more attention. Other times she tried to punch or kick him, but he grabbed her hands or legs, did a half spin and tossed her away.
Leo not always fought her, many times she screamed at his stupid quarter of brain father, once she provoked him until he took a belt and started to beat her, she made a big drama and Leo thought he was killing her, so he jumped and grabbed the mans neck, he was disgusted at the fathers sweat and smell so he quickly got off, he managed to stop him beating her but he was the next target, he beat him up a couple of times, to Leo it didnt even hurt nor move but he noticed how his so called sister was not defending him like he did for her, the monkey got tired and left. His sister never spoke to him, she never thank him nor anything, he got tired and when it happened again he let it be, soon his sister stopped provoking her father that way for some reason.
Her hate against her brother and Leos natural coldness never mended their relation, she truly hated him just because he existed, to the point of declaring with a proud voice to everyone in the room that she wished him to be dead at the times Leo got sick.
Normally, it would be traumatic for someone to have a sister that hates you so much, but for Leo it was different, he just didnt like her, he didnt hate her because he did not have a single true feeling for her, he didnt answered her aggressions with more hate because there was nothing inside him, Leo could barely remember that he was supposed to have a sister, he only did when she was being bothersome.

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