Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 07

Leo wanted to just finish them all, but it was stupid to do it at once, so he went for them one by one, who? the vermin that called themselves his family, who else? thats what he said.
The main part of that game was a positional play, he needed to put factors to his convenience, the secondary part was the mere actions to break them down, they didnt care about Leo that much, so he needed to slowly bend then forcefully torn their minds and lives, it seemed like a good idea for Leo, they deserved it after so many years of deception and misery, they thought that they could hold him within their grasp, but now was time for them to meet the real Leo, the one nobody ever cared to know, although he didnt plan on killing them because he believed they were no worth of it.


Leo ended the isolation from his mother, she was the center of the family and he needed to control her, there was another main piece to take care of too, but at its proper time. Leo didnt like it, yet he could easily get along with his so called mother when there was no problems around, for some reason he was the favorite of the two, maybe because he was easygoing, handsome and funny, on the other side, his sister was annoyingly asking for attention all the time, she had no such grace and she couldnt get along with adults like Leo did.
It was disgusting for Leo to get close to that woman, but it was part of a bigger plan so he continued the act. She was very happy about him, while his sister represented a painful expense, he didnt even asked for bus money anymore, the school was free and he told her that he was helping cleaning the library and stuff, so they gave him bus coupons and a little pay, the imaginary job later changed to assistant professor, one that would help other students with their doubts and study problems. He looked great and confident, he talked to other people outside the family like he was an adult, his parents were saving money that they could use for themselves, Leo looked successful and nobody was going to jinx happiness by asking questions.
The only one who was not glad was Leos sister, full of jealousy and hate, she was so dumb that she ended up digging her own grave. While Leo was acting nice, intelligent and helpful, she was a screaming and crying headache, everytime she made a scene to complain about something, there was Leo supporting his parents, after many times, he ended up defending them while having their full support. Leo also convinced them that his sister was wasting too much money, she had low selfesteem issues so she developed bad finance habits that led her to a temporary higher social status, Leo took advantage of that, he investigated what kind of free schools she could attend and the expenses she should be making, compared them to the ones of her paid school, then presented the information to the parents. He put himself as an example and made them notice that with such money they could cover some of their neverending debts, they felt excited about it and later firmly told Leos sister about the changes, she lost it and made a huge scene, which only served to portrait her as the bad kid of the family.
She had just gotten a part time job, but there was no way to cover all the expenses, so she had to give up in desperation, even her dead grandfather used to say that she should not go to college, that all the money they could gather must be directed for Leos education, that he was the male and the hope of the family; oh, the delicious irony.
Leo never stopped the attacks against his so called sister through the parents, stealthy and carefully, he took every opportunity to make her life a living hell, to the point that they were even laughing and mocking her suicidal screams.
Time happened and eventually she made more mistakes, she transformed her depression into unwanted pregnancy, the parents even suggested abortion but kind hearted Leo told them that it was wrong, that the right answer was to push the father and his family into marriage. Leo supported his so called dad and both visited the fathers house, they didnt know and it caught them by surprise. With Leos social skills, they managed to make them look at the marriage as a positive thing, on the other side, Leos sister wanted to get out and convinced her boyfriend to get married. They did and rented an apartment for themselves, her parents wanted to visit once but she threw them out and screamed that she never ever was going to see them again, ever, and that they never ever were going to meet her son, never. At home, Leo comforted them and they tried to forget about her, at least for a while.
Leo was glad as he was finally getting rid of that dirty trash, he felt wonderful for ruining her life, but there was a slight, huge chance of reconciliation after the baby was born, so he was going to advance his plans before it could happen.


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