Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 08


Leo was enjoying a somehow sweet spot, but he hated it, he needed to move further and rip the chains of the reality set upon him. The next target was that filthy stenchful thing that dared to call himself a father, not that he did it much but his mere presence was enough to make Leo puke in disgrace. His mistakes were like tall grass after a heavy rainy season, it was going to be so easy.
There was a lot of fights between mwommy and dwaddy that came from all the bad financial decisions they made in the past, plus their forever useless personality. Since now he was choked in debt and couldnt put enough money on the table, mwommy always ended up screaming at him for being so worthless, not that she wasnt, the fights often escalated and mwommy used to tell dwaddy to basically fuck off, of course in spanish.
In the past, everytime mwommy became insistent in her hate towards dwaddy, Leo ordered her to cool down until eventually she did and they went back to normal life, but this time Leo didnt wish for that, Leo wanted him gone too and started to support her mother into looking for a separation. An inevitable next fight happened and mwommy threw dwaddy out, so he decided to go live with his widow sister and her family at a rural ugly town near the polluted lake.
There was a reconciliation point just like with Leos sister, Leo could have pushed forward a formal divorce but it would have been way too much, and its not like shes gonna get married ever again, so he decided to leave it there and rejected the forgiveness by moving ahead with his plans.
Who was left at that house was Leo, his mwother, the mother of his mwother, and some spoiled yet neglected little pets. The financial core of the family was Leos so called aunt, she was the one supporting her mother and sister by sending money every month, also whatever she could buy them in the northern country where everything was much better, Leo was a spare wheel of those benefits, he enjoyed those as a little tree that was downhill from a forest after a light rain, in other words, he needed to access a strong source of money in order to get rid of those women and their scraps, but before, a little adventure to get away from all this boredom.
Leos town was very peculiar as it had many cultures, most of them worthless for him, if not all, but interesting at some point. Generally speaking, people were extremely attached to their money, their life quality plummeted because they rarely cared to do something interesting as it costed money, so they remained bitter and repeated their boring lives again and again, their main problem was that they didnt know what to do with their money, and when they actually did something it was just a waste. Another one was church culture, there were a lot of people who were part of a religion and strongly believed in it, they obviously didnt follow all the rules, just the convenient ones, but thats another story; catholic was the biggest, but there were others very big themselves. There was also an large gay culture, mostly about man, when it started it was shocking because the city was considered a catholic capital, but the town had many people migrating since many years ago, there were plenty of gay people from there and other towns, and they were not going anywhere, they eventually organized and made parades and such, to the terrified eye of the catholic ones who believed all the dirt belonged inside a dark closet. There was also a big prostitution culture, word around said that it was organized by spanish people, mostly of women but also men in some places, it left mountains of money so it went on no matter if other people complained about it. Lately there was a loud events culture, where the government and its partners were making good money by allowing loud places and events on inappropriate locations, tearing up the life of the residents who lived in there. The government also had its crime groups and obviously were involved in drug business, in fact, whatever that would bring them money, its a very long list Im not going to mention, but all in the end to decrease the quality of life of the normal people who basically never did a thing to fight it.
Everything that was modern had come from the northern country, what was old slowly was being left behind, becoming obsolete, everybody admired certain aspects about the superior quality of life in the north, talking and wishing it was like that over there, gringos do this, gringos have it, gringos can do that; many felt uncomfortable about some of their customs, but it was worst feeling frustrated about the dead land where only corruption could grow.
Little Leo decided to hate everything equally and just move on with his horrible life. Oh, the adventure, next chapter, lets keep the boredom on this one.


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