Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 09


Little Leo had planned to have some fun, he saved his small money until he thought he had enough, because it would be great to have some funfunhappytimes to enjoy by himself. He didnt want to look like an idiot asking around, so he searched on the internet about it, there wasnt much because nobody was uploading the info, kinda obvious for its sort and for the illiterate city where he lived. He ended up gathering some data from articles that ironically denounced what he wanted to do.
He selected a good day, not too sunny, not rainy, not too cold. He made plans for his journey, it was ok if he didnt accomplish his goal on the first visit, the starting day was more about knowing the place, he thought in paranoia that it would be inappropriate to ask questions and then leave it for the next day, that if he got in deep enough, he had to go all the way.
Leo grabbed everything that he could possibly need and felt comfortable to carry in his pockets or backpack, waited for the exact hour, not too soon, not too late, and left his home with a weird smile. He walked to the bus stop and briefly waited until the one he wanted passed by to take him downtown, there was some girls there that would have normally called his attention, but that day was special, that day those girls were old bags of bones with one foot already inside their ugly moldy graves.
After nearly an hour, he got down the dirty bus one block away from the avenue that was said divided the city in two, the rich from the poor, even when downtown was all poor, trashy and lousy itself, and worst after a government plan failed and a lot of houses were demolished in vain, yet you could notice a small difference before and after that avenue, like a curse floating over your head. In front of the sidewalk where Leo got down, there was a park that had a cheap old lady prostitution fame, but it wasnt just in that park, also beneath some bridges or near some stairs, old and poor ladies still wanting a chance, Leo would normally try to taste them just because he could, but for that day those women belonged to a museum and not the cold streets.
There were also younger girls, most of them outside the door of cheap hotels that served as prostitution centers. Others were dancing or serving drinks inside dirty noisy bars. There was also small sex shops, porno movie theaters, internet let say coffees, and at the top floor of a well known historic market, they sold products that didnt paid taxes to get inside the country, stolen, or bad made copies of whatever, including pornography, and if you knew how to ask, of all types they could gather, not that they had that much.
it maaay sound sort of exciting, but it really wasnt, at least for Leo, he liked a big place with diversity of choice, but he hated the poor people culture that made the place miserable, for example, lets say that in that culture, you are so greedy that you dont let people use the bathroom unless they spend enough money in your store and even then you count the grams of paper and soap, while at the third second you close the water; and that it if you were actually nice and let them use it, they would destroy it just because they find that fun. Besides, it was rare that someone really good looking worked downtown.
Leo read that what he wanted was a few blocks away from the historic market, on the same avenue that divided the city, he walked over there looking for lousy hotels or some people begging in the street, but he couldnt find any. He played calmed and went near some middleage man selling copied movies in plastic envelopes, his wife and a couple of kids were there keeping him company, and they were laughing among themselves about something. When Leo got close, the man said hello and tried to show the envelopes to him, who said that he didnt like those movies and asked if he got anything else, the man did an I-understood expression and showed Leo some porno movie envelops that he kinda had hidden, he tried to explain those but Leo joked about him having them at home because of the internet, then he kept joking with the man for a little time, he was laughing and his wife smiling while watching from behind as she was sitting down on the ground, finally Leo told him that he had read in the paper about the people hanging around there, the man didnt understand at first but then realized and said that it was too early, Leo responded that the paper said that they were there at all hours, but the man said that it wasnt true, only on certain days they did that because there wasnt enough customers, the man ended up saying what Leo had thought before, that there wasnt just one place and that if he wanted something it was best to look around.
Leo said thanks and goodbye to the smiling man and wife while their kids where still playing, as he walked away he decided to ask around not in the open street but inside places, the ones that didnt charge a cover because he hated the idea of paying for nothing.
In the first place, some filthy rooms, he asked about but they didnt have what he wanted; second place, some nasty bar with loud music that went into the street and a bunch of idiot dudes as bodyguards, Leo asked about the bar and joked around a little, yet they only had what they had; in the third place, a tiny sex shop with deficient products, the owner and some friend were talking on the sidewalk, Leo went near and asked about what he wanted using a local language as usual, just to look as one of them, but they were shocked and said a clear no with a nervous voice.
Leo was emotionally tired and his searches were going bad, he thought that he needed to find a more private place or gain someones trust in order to get what he wanted, it was uncomfortable because everytime he asked, he was exposing himself. Eventually he found a couple of young girls standing in the middle of some stairs, Leo didnt feel like joking this time so he just went to them and asked if they knew the way around the place, they answered that sort of and Leo said what he wanted in a nice and confident voice, the girls felt odd but Leo kept his confidence and said that he wasnt going to do anything bad. The girls looked at each other and exchanged looks and half words, then said to Leo that it would be better if he spent the money and time with them, that it would be much better, that they would let him do certain things; Leo laughed, with a smile said that he liked the idea but he wanted that do that other thing just one time, and then promised he would be coming back for them another day.
The girls talked to each other and said to Leo that they had some relatives at the hotel that could help him with what he wanted, Leo agreed and they all went there, on the way, Leo kept praising the girls while they blushed and giggled.
Inside the crammed hotel, the girls introduced Leo to their aunt, she looked at him, wearing nice clothes and his young, good and confident looks, then smiled asking what could she do for him. The girls explained little Leos twisted wishes as they gently beat his head and back with the palm of their hands, their aunt didnt expect it and kept quiet thinking for a minute, then said that it was ok, that she just needed to get things ready. She went away and told Leo to wait there, the girls were supposed to go back working but they wanted to see what was going to happen, they waited there too as they kept talking to Leo, they asked him if he had done that before and he said no, they questioned if he had relatives into that, he said he had none, and the girls talked about what could be the reason he wanted what he did.
After ten minutes, the aunt called them to one small cheap room, she had gathered 3 of what Leo wanted and told him to choose, Leo wasnt sure, he looked at it for a while and finally decided before the aunt could grow impatient, he wanted a white one but there wasnt much to choose from, so he had to settle with the one he liked the most. The aunt told him the price and instructions, Leo thought that it was going to be too high, but it was reasonable and accepted, he paid half up front, waved goodbye to the girls and said that he was coming back another day to hire them, and the aunt left him alone with his purchase.


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