Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 10

Standing strong and intimidating, Leo made a circular movement with his tongue licking his own lips, then did it again in expectation of the delightful desires he was about to fulfill. Nothing has even happened yet but Leo had already imbued terror and despair with his cold firm hands as he holds and reviews the shape of his purchase.
It was finally the glorious time, the happiness long forgotten returns as the power flowing through his veins was molding reality. Why caring about the wars, hunger and death, when you can just take the world and make it your own?
To make it worse, Leo was not saying a word, he kept his feelings as a mystery and let the fears transpire through the skin. Leo was ready to use his purchase, squeezing all of its value and then throw it away, for a start, he decided to feel comfortable, he tossed to the floor everything that got in the middle of enjoying the use of his purchase, then he, mmm, he started to talk.


Im still not sure, why did you, choose this one?
Im pretty sure something is wrong with your, calculations.
This thing is so fragile, so easy to snap, can you feel it?
Like a bunch of straws, crack, then the scream
So much pain, unable to understand
And guess what? you do it again, and again
Oh, wait, I got too much excited and forgot, about your mistake
You are such a shame, your promise is broken by this stench
The outline so soft, the controls, the play, yet
The smell like everybody else, disgusting
Not even here, in the depths of your abyss
I can escape.
Im growing impatient, you did saw that, right?
The reason it goes so weak, even more
Theres another stench, coming from the mouth
Am I supposed to get excited once it reaches the other side?
Forbidden one, just an illusion, can you make it happen?
She did her own with a sleight of hand and a candy
I dont think she minds, this is not even her own, Im sure
A burden given to us as a sacrifice
And you, pitiful, what are you going to do about it?
Stupid weak lamb, I curse you and your lacks!
Youre not even worth to stand at my side!
Make your own trick and save your worthless life
Come on and do it before I splat your insides!
Youll see, hehe, I care much more than anybody else
Do you like the people you live with, eh?
Opps, hahahaha, did it hurt? One more time
Hey, I dont think this one will feel anymore, tonight
Just tonight, so stop right now
But there is someone else, Im not paying full for this
Entertainment, so dull, boring, the stench, ahggg!
This doesnt have what it takes, for me to be entertained
Wait, wait, dont do that
Dont stretch your luck too far
How about sneaking out?
With a goodbye present for these rats
Theres got to be more people around
But maybe they don’t know
That fat one is keeping all for her own
So now, now you get to shine
Can you, please, entertain me for a while?
Im so bored, everything is grey
I wonder if theres a color anywhere
or just, like this, forever
I felt ridiculous today
Make it up for me, and you know what?
Hit her one more time, right, there
We paid for that, didnt we?


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