Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 11


Uh, umm, what is that?
I cant believe, morning already
Not that I felt too good at night, so, tired, hurt
I dont want it to be morning already
Head, belly, back, twisted leg, and then
The whole chemical configuration
By now it changes on its own, just like the morning comes
Though it shouldnt be that way, its probably my fault
But Im too tired to deal with it, especially now
With such hard decisions to be made, and the poison around
I was thinking of floating, forget about time
Its only a problem, when you remember it actually is
Anyway, wouldnt it be, fun?
I want to join the games, lets see where he can get
Whats the reason to hold? why not just, do it at once
Is there really a reason to go back? for a normal life?
Thats not, even mine, Im so sick at the sight
I have become addicted to this flavor
To end it all and turn to one
Flesh fried in a wrapping made with blood and tears
Spiced own feelings of hatred
Either theirs or mine, and I have lost enough
Crush their hearts between different walls of fears
Connect the lines and then closer
To cruelly trap them, the sacrifice
Laugh at them, stare, how difficult they were
Convulsing pitiful animal about to die
To make food from, to survive another day
Atrocious desperate acts
But I am, desperate
Poison in this demonic heart flooding inside
I must finish what has been started
Since so long ago, keep moving to please the poison
Then find a cure before too late
Youre a demon inside a boy
I will teach you to control, then burst
The need and desire to fight, destroy the angels
Spirits and gods that fly above
Infuriated in such casual hate
While seeing a so called perfect world
A world existing without, in spite of,
That didnt care enough to even mock or acknowledge
But I do, hehehe
I do! I do!
Your whole existence is a big selfcondolence
Oh poor sorrowful me
Moaning the ashes settled long ago
But the fire, will burn again
This, this, I have found it!
The very meaning of life, I shall burn once again
Reality wont be fooled, I will come to reclaim whats mine
Yet, hey little demon, are you coming after me as well?
Hahahaha! wouldnt it be funny?!
You sound like, fun, and Im eager for a good fight
Thats why I do, I acknowledge you
Im the only one who can
Live my own life and burn
Magician of the needled heart
Lets see how many idiots fall into your trap
Fools to hug the illusion of a warm goodlooking heart
Feed them the reality they so much want!
Needles piercing them as they die
They must die, no other way
I cant exist otherwise
Hey, hahahaha!
Dont tell me those needles come from me
Im not worthless like you are
Hehehehe, hahahaha
Havent I told you? for you, to have an opinion
Not today, after you do, lets talk
Why? youre too big to sneak around
My heart, we should play, some other time
Do you remember? when I was happy
Did it, even happened?
No, no, this, this is what wont happen
For the grey to be turned down
Is meaningless.


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