Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 12


Leo needed to build a huge wall of illusion around him in order to hide his horrible intentions towards those people, the next step was getting the money to move, the little demon wasnt powerful enough to do it on his own nor to live without a role in the human society, the role placed painful restrains upon him, but he was determined to win the game, to become his true self, whatever it was.
The little demon was afraid that if he went looking for money inside the forest, he would get lost and unable to find his way back, normally he wouldnt care but he had a higher purpose than wandering around the human world.
He made a couple of plans, the first to become a strong human, the second to be able to survive in the meantime. About the first, he decided to drink the juice extracted from his remaining so called relatives, there were only three inside a triangle, the top was hold to the ground by the couple on the bottom.
Leos so called mother and grandmother were easily manipulated by him, for his grandmother, he decided to keep her floating, when too depress or angry he used to comfort her, when she could find some trail of happiness he made her lost it with some domestic problem, with the proper time she became dependent of him without noticing his intentions, because she thought it was a normal relation. His so called mother was similar but less dumb yet volatile, she was more difficult to manage but he had easier reach to her already deceived heart. He decided to make her sick and more dependent of him.
Since the very beginning he knew that he wasnt going to be able to just get rid of them, and he didnt want to waste himself killing those lowlifes, therefore he had to make their own deaths happen sooner.
His so called mother had a bunch of health problems that normally you would just get along with, but with a little demon at her side, she became depressed and the problems turned into illness.
It was a difficult move for the demon to do, if he didnt push enough nothing was going to happen, if he pushed too hard she was going to call the relatives he already had thrown away. The mother and the grandmother had lots of fights, the grandmother tried to be manipulative with everyone around her, but she was just rude bossing people, then getting angry and playing the victim, soon nobody cared about her little scenes. At home it was complicated because she wanted things to be her way yet she wasnt doing any work, she wanted her daughters to do it all. She was often a burden on her poor daughter, while the rich one put distance and money in between, which caused her sister to feel angry at her for leaving her alone with the problem.
Leo stopped smiling, Leo stopped joking and laughing, Leo started to talk about new problems with a serious face, stuff like troubles at his (imaginary) school, the doubts about his (false) future, the (pretended) frustration and jealousy because he deserved better; little things that slowly got inside his so called mothers heart, that was filled with broken hopes for a higher social status and nearly forgotten memories of a wealthy youth.
The demon knew that the mother couldnt do anything herself, that all the waves of rage were going to end up beating her own heart, making her weak and uncarefully aggressive, walking towards her self destruction, and it happened, she lost control of her weight problem, she twisted her leg by trying to fix things around the house without any precaution, she often got digestive problems, she hurt her back and could barely move while suffering intense pain for weeks, recovered and fell back again. The only one who could be there taking care of her was a little demon in disguise of her son, he was the only one who could bother into hearing her cries about her fears of dying, maybe because it was a delightful melody to his wicked ears.
Leo kept his aunt from coming there by saying that it wasnt that much of an illness and that he was going to take care of her, she was happy because she didnt have to interrupt her life in order to make the trip, but when her sister fell again with her back illness, she thought it was too much, decided to take a plane and arrived there.
The plan of the little demon went forward to the last piece, his rich aunt, she was going to be his source of money, a human to preserve while drinking its juicy fluids. Leo had made some moves that luckily went well, he had told a bunch of lies that his so called aunt and grandmother believed, he told them that he had talked to his sister and that he was about to convince her to go back home for some days to take care of their mother, the purpose of telling that lie was because he didnt want his aunt to arrive at the house and make it her own, Leo wanted to keep his control, when his so called sister got married and left the family, she got into a huge fight with her aunt, now both of them couldnt sleep in the same house, Leo begged his aunt to give his sister a chance and arrive to a hotel instead, he could convince her and she did. Leo also planned a collective lie for her mother, he made sure everyone else not to mention his sister in order not to disturb her, his aunt didnt like to go along with that lie, but decided to do after she heard the cries of her ill sister, she ended up lying about the trip by saying she was coming with her husband, that they had a big fight and, while she wanted to be near him, she didnt want him at the house not even to say hello.
The little demon had control over two pieces of the triangle, it was time to take the last one. Leo walked his aunt to her nearby hotel at late evening; where Leo lived there was an exposition center a few blocks away, so they built lots of hotels of different classes around it. The one his aunt was staying was a high class one, but it was very old and deficient, certainly not worth the money they were charging, and there were much better and newer hotels, she wanted to be at the new big one, but her husband had preference prices at the old one, in other cities it was good, but in Leos city it was not, by the way, remember the becoming a doll story? it was right outside just across the street. Vile acts next chapter.


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