Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 13

A demon cannot exist without his demonic luck, otherwise would just be some lousy idiot trying to look important, and Leo could barely hold his laughter, he went to welcome his so called aunt at the hotel, he waited for some time on a sofa while trying not to fall asleep, she arrived later in a taxi, when he saw her he got up, said hello and gave her a forced annoying hug while wearing a fake smile. After checking in, Leo made some casual conversation as the bellboy led them to the room, at some point the aunt asked about her sister, Leo made a itsalongstory expression and told her that he was going to explain later.
She had a membership because of her husband, so she was a special client and got a better room, first they gave her one at the middle of the top floor, it had a somehow nice view but the air conditioner wasnt working and the next room tv and loud voices were clearly heard, she asked for a new room and the bellboy called the desk, but it took them ages to authorize it, finally they said yes and then he went downstairs for the new card keys and later led them to the new room. It was one floor up from the middle of the building, there were normal rooms and a special door at a corner that opened the way for the membership ones, like eight of them, it seemed there was only a couple of customers there, both at the first rooms, and a lazy maid hearing some loud local music while doing her job in another. The new room was at the end of the hallway, at the right was still a cart with used plates waiting to be washed and the half opened door for a lonely room, at the left the new room which wasnt properly prepared but at least appeared clean while the air conditioner and tv remote barely worked.
For Leo it was way too perfect, the room was bigger, at the corner of the building, at a membership only hallway, with many empty rooms around it and lazy employees who rarely moved a finger.
It was in the afternoon and Leo asked her what she wanted to do, she said going to the house and see everyone, then order something to eat. In the way home Leo made a little drama about the situation, the illness of his mother, the domestic problems and his own, he tried not to sound too annoying, he used a tired voice that didnt seem to find an exit.
At the house everything went sort of normal, Leo wanted to eat pizza so they ordered pizza, they hanged around the sick womans bed who was happy and didnt cried that much about her pains, yet her sister felt bad about her and she tried to make doctors appointments, but there was a problem, she couldnt move, she horribly suffered just to go to the bathroom, Leo used to tell her to do it on a towel but she didnt want to.
Leos mother had already asked her friends what medicine to take, they asked other friends who were doctors, she got medicine treatments injected, blabla, she got better for a couple of weeks but she then her back hurt again, she wanted to take the same medicines but her sister wanted a doctor to personally see her, so she called a friend who had a doctor friend working at a charity clinic near Leos home in front of a temple, he did the favor of going visit her at home, checked her out, gave instructions and prescribed the same type of medicines, Leo went to get those at the nearby drug store along with some local made vanilla sodas, and the brother of a friend of hers injected the medicines everyday like the last time.
Leos aunt wished for xrays and everything, but it was complicated and she was happy with the doctors explanations, along with some recommendations that were not going to be followed, so she relaxed and just hoped for the best. Normally the aunt would have stayed at her sister bed day and night, but Leo told a little lie that evening, he said that his sister called and that she wanted to visit her mother and bring her kid, the aunt didnt want to leave even after Leos begging, but her mother also agreed with Leo and asked her for a chance, that it would be wonderful if they could reconciliate now, and that Leo could bring her back from the hotel by then. With both pushing, the aunt decided to get along, she went to her sisters bed and told her another lie, that she was going to check on her husband and then come back, so she said goodbye and Leo took her to the hotel room.
It was time for a demon to arise, the time of no return, of changing the world and molding it at the demons will. Leo kept his tired voice while his aunt tried to console him about things going better, Leos aunt said at the entrance that he could left her there, but he said that it was ok for him to walk her all the way, they reached the hallway, they reached the room, they saw the cart with the dirty plates still outside the front and half opened door of the empty room across theirs, Leo got inside by telling her that he wanted to call home to find out if his sister had arrived, he played with the phone as she took off her shoes and went to the bathroom.
Leos aunt had a nice and fun sister relationship with his mother, but she looked very different, her skin was whiter, she was slim, she had lived at a borderline city for many years so she had a lot of culture from that northern country, she had a lot of money and stuff in comparison to Leos family, and something curious, the demon viewed her as a redhead when she was brunette, and a little taller when they all were short.


The aunt was looking for something inside one of her bags on top of the bed, she asked Leo if everything was alright, he casually got close, said a long yes and stood behind her, then firmly grabbed her arms and kissed her neck with his opened mouth, his aunt froze in shock, she couldnt believe what was happening, only to give her nephew another moment to continue sucking her neck, strongly rub his hands on her belly and passionately grab her breast. After some endless moments, Leos aunt finally could take a deep breath and tried to react, she couldnt speak and barely moved, she had to take another deep breath and then she could react, she tried to take his hands off her and screamed about what he was doing, the demon took her right wrist and twisted her arm at her back, with a scary serious voice, he told her not to scream and she begged him not to injure her. The demon turned her around, tossed her to the bed and got on top of her, she was crying and resisting, searching for an answer inside the madness, the demon stopped for a second, looked at her eyes still defiant, took a good grab of her hair with his left hand, and with the right viciously punched her stomach, she nearly fainted and stopped resisting so much.


A long night of a forced intimate relation happened, at first the demon was cruel and painfully violent, as the time and tears passed, she became physically and emotionally exhausted, she had no strength to fight anymore and the demon changed, Leo started to become gently and affectionate, he still was passionate but now he acted like he was admiring her, he told her a thousand times that he loved her, that he wanted her to become his mother and his wife, then he kissed her breast for the longest moment and completed his forbidden act.
Near morning, it was the time to actually talk to her, she was furious but Leo did not move back, she called him all kinds of names and threatened him in countless ways but the demon did not move back, he still caressed her skin and told her that he loved her, that he wanted to marry her, that he always loved her since she was the one helping his poor broken family, he started to explain that he was desperate because of his ill mother, that there was only someone who could help them, and that he fell inlove with that one.
Leos actions began to had a more proper shape inside his aunts mind, it was shocking, mad, sick, twisted, wrong and whatever she could think of, but certainly it wasnt disgusting, it wasnt at all.

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