Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 14


At the end of many discussions, coping with the insane reality, Leos aunt told him that she just wanted to forget everything that had happened and live like that night didnt exist. By then Leo started to behave like he was his secret lover or something, even when she never really accepted him, he made an Imbored expression and told her that it was ok, if she wished for that.
Leo put his clothes back on, decided about the lie to say for not coming back home that night, something about his aunt and her husband having a big fight and she told him to stay because she was going back to the house, but they ended up fighting all night and Leo eventually fell asleep in the front empty room, that yes, in the morning was still opened and with the cart of dirty dishes outside the door, yey! free hotel room. Leo then waved a fancy goodbye while looking at her eyes and left.


It was the time for the cake to bake on its own, Leo couldnt be around his aunt day and night trying to convince her not to go against him, he could only do what he did and wait for a favorable result.
Later that morning she arrived at the house on a taxi, she went along with the lie about Leo staying at the hotel and behaved normally. There were a lot of hate feelings in her sight everytime she saw Leo directly, a couple of harsh words when nobody else was listening, a bunch of kicks under the table and stomping with her platform shoes as they walked around.
For the rest of the week she took a cab back to the hotel room, even after knowing that Leos sister didnt come to visit, she suspected it was a lie and asked Leo, who kept a serious face and told her that it was true but at the end she must have regretted or something.
The time for the end of the trip arrived, her sister was already feeling better and the intense pains had stopped a couple of days ago, she checked out the hotel by herself and brought her baggage to the house, after an early comida she said and hugged them goodbye, including Leo with only a palm on his arms while saying a soft and serious “behave well”. The taxi arrived and she left for the airport.
The demon wanted to take full control of her, but he always knew it was going to be extremely difficult with the amount of time of the trip and the long distance between them, he could do it in his city where she was away from her family, but it was nearly impossible to go there and perform on a foreign unknown territory where he had no means of movement, especially no money. Anyway, things had gone well for the little demon and it was time to keep working towards his ambitious goal, same time that was running against him in a very painful way, but he decided to keep calm and hold all the hurt inside himself, patiently waiting for the moment to truly arise from the forgotten ashes he had become so long ago.

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