Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 15

Leo saved the scarce money he had for buying something precious to him, it took the longest while but it was worth for him, some boys buy beer, others buy women, some weirdos buy computer parts with a happy drooling face only they can understand, but a little demon bought certain materials to redecorate his closet.


Leo used his bathroom as a small kitchen to prepare dinner and breakfast, and the demon turned the closet into a stove to cook his forbidden sinful meals. The closet wasnt too big so it wasnt that expensive to properly prepare, he removed what was unnecessary, reinforced everything, placed the different types of bases for restrains and such, and very important, he isolated sound as much as he could, fixed the doors, installed a tiny light, got some cooking tools ready and, that was it, the demon was about to create his own hell for some poor souls to live the rest of their days trapped in. He thought of drilling and placing water in and out pipes as the shower was behind, but he decided was better to do certain things manually, or maybe he was just lazy, I dont know.
The demon only needed food now, it was part of his plans, to be able to survive in the meantime, the looong meantime until that golden day of remembrance could finally be lived and rejoiced.
When he walked across the screen, he was like a child staring at her feet, and when he saw the play, and he heard her voice vibrate, he had to find, touch her, it had to be that way… going insane, it had to be that way.
Leo had good relations with his neighbours, most of them were old ladies who happened to like his illusion side, it was useful to get some very little money and snacks, information and a good portrait of himself to his relatives, who were glad that they liked him so much.
In one of the talks at a neighbours house, he met another neighbour who had a problem, his kids laptop was broken and had no idea what it was, Leo told him to bring it for a check, he told his daughter to go get it while his son was playing with their small dog, she came back and handed it to Leo who smiled in return.
The laptop screen was obviously broken and Leo told the bad news knowing that the father was going to be mad at his kids for most likely dropping it, or maybe worse, they were playing around and smashed it, only their obviously guilty eyes truly knew what they did. Leo tried to make it easier to the girl by talking to her about cheaper or best options of what to do then, he also talked to her about videogames and other stuff she could do with a computer, she laughed but was very worried about her father being angry, and he was, he behaved sort of calmed among the adults, but his eyes were raging because of the expense and to the fact that his kids lied to him about what had happened.
For the demon, the small talks and smiles were a precious opportunity, for some reason he liked whiter people but she was nice enough, while talking, he secretly noticed the inside of her school shirt, to quickly turn his sight into her eyes, a somehow stealthy seductive look, hidden inside an extra good and natural Leo who was loved by all the old ladies around him.
The next couple of days Leo took one of the dogs from his house and gave it a walk while keeping an eye on the girls house, he noticed their schedule, the dads car, the mother inside the house, the brother and sister playing outside the garage and sometimes on the sidewalk while their dog ran around; he mixed it with his own house timings and figured out the best moment to act. There was a problem, some of the old ladies, if not all, loved to watch the street through their window and see the people passing by, especially the ones next door to Leos house, his so called mother and grandmother, and even him usually went to sit at their living room and talked while eating snacks, and right there was a big window where they saw it all, so he couldnt be seen with the girl walking towards his house. From the friendly neighbours side, her house was first and Leos last, at the other corner things werent easy either because the drug dealer that lived there had installed security cameras, luckily a couple of trees blocked the way to the entrance of Leos house, and the blur was going to be so bad anyway.
There was also another couple of, that, which had caught the demons attention, one lived on the next street, in front of the priest making center, every evening was on a bike along some little brothers, going from corner to corner of her house sidewalk. The third was working at a near small supermarket, putting the purchased goods into plastic bags for a tip.
What makes you believe that I, want this? … at least I made you stop, staring at the tv.


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