Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 16


Theres a sad whispering song that you can hear from the depths of hell, sobbing, begging, quietly screaming, wanting to get out, trying to remember how the light looked liked, the faces, voices and touch of their beloved ones, their own heart turned into a cruel piece of ice that slowly grows and covers it all.
Outside, you can see the money inside the pants pocket, the one that lured with a faked kindness and beautiful smile, also the small change they gave that day, still there inside the working overall; or perhaps you can see the monitor screen, the one promised that could be had, but it is his own monitor, not something to give up, surely it was the sense of adventure and attraction for him, so young and naive, or maybe just bored with the time, is life boring as you grow up? then you can see the black shoe used to kick and knock the bike off, certainly the worst of lucks, nobody to help, not even the cameras were worth something, nobody called and nobody came, sure went to hell, but yet, to feel sorry for you, cruel shape of the world so desperately want to keep holding on.
Inside a reinforced closet with isolation materials, in a room that had only air outside its walls, in the curse of many days a demon created a hell, scary and brutal, without fresh air to breathe nor water to drink, the demon slowly chewed his victims in many ways to produce the most delightful of the nectars, it may have looked sinful for the humans who dont really look at the world they live in, the mere food they casually eat every day is full of the same stories, yet they choose what to believe and what to ignore, and one can only wonder how much time is going to take for those girls trapped in hell to be forgotten.
Its a sad, sad song, to be enjoyed along the strings and pulses, dont you love it little souls? its so beautiful, dont you feel like doing an everlasting dance giving shape to the world? expressing your beloved tiny hearts?
But mine, mine is still alive.
It should have been, so differently.
Can you see? can you finally see?!
For you, to exist, you were meant to be
The sight of such a long time
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.
As then, she said
“Oh, wow, Ive never hit anybody in my life”
Is that, right? I have rewound so many times
Its the fault, of my eyes?
Did it happen that way?
I could still swear it was just a reaction
But the cause of the reaction
It should have been, differently
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.
Not to worry about the bodies, most of them were buried already.
It wasnt that deep but it will surely last at least a couple of rainy seasons.
So funny, that, how can I call it? priest making center, that big thing in front of her house, at one corner theres that cross inside a cage, from that woman with painted hair, inside a cage, then another corner and theres the park, a few blocks large, with a couple of dirty dogs living under some plants, fed by a demon, just some small parts properly prepared, they happily moved their tails as the kind human gave them something to finally eat, isnt that funny? hehehe, well, is not like theyre going to live again.
But it was only little pieces, the bigger pieces he cooked, at the other corner, you turn left and walk half a block, theres a street to the right and then a large building, like half a block in size, it has caught my attention, so Ive, Ive investigated about it, and that place was founded long ago by some rich spanish dude, from then to now it have served as a catholic classes center, it has an auditorium, classrooms, bedrooms with bathrooms, an inside and an outside lets call it garden with short and tall trees, sounds great but its actually an old building falling apart, they do the classes and host events but theres not enough people to fill it, it always looks empty, Ive seen it so many days. There are also the office rooms, some others for priests and such, and the poor vigilant family room at the roof, and, well, the demon learned the way around and buried most there, so, romantic, the walls at the back street are very short so he could easily get in, he studied the terrain, rooms, hiding places, hallways, patios, people and their movements, everything, it was, special for him, he is a demon, of course he is gonna do those weird things.


You see, what happened, they were not ready
Thats why the cooking was necessary
Was nothing but a theater with only one real actor
Cheap, ridiculous, insulting
Three times the same play that didnt feel the same
Of so long ago, when there was light in the world
Why would you think bad of me, again?
Stern look from the tv
Your frown, it doesnt change
But it was the whole reason anyway
It was just a reaction that one time
I couldnt, I couldnt, I dont know
I dont remember anymore
Yet you, looking at me that way
After so long, please
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.

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