Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 18


I dont like it when youre using whats mine, for stuff I dont care about.
Wanna go for something new? not the same and lose power over her?
Are you actually looking at her? so fascinated with your image, shes not listening that much, in fact, you should do the same thing all the time.
Its all about lies that give her a purpose, then such environment gets created anyway.
So funny, when she says she tries so hard, closing her eyes very tight, cause its so difficult, to actually see an image of him while praying on knees, crying.
Arent you doing, the same thing? hehehe, you do try, way too hard.
Well, if you dont like it, you can go back and just fix her tv, god has not given you a task to perform, I really, really dont care about any of this at all.
Not my problem if her god cant provide, but also none if you fail to put something on the plate.
Food is only a chance, for me to keep thinking about.
I only live to ask her why.



She said she loved me, but I dont
I dont love her, my heart is somewhere else
But Im not being a thief or even cruel
I provided so much she needed to have
I realized as I thought what to sermon about
So much power, now I know why those buildings are so large
And the treasures they guard, the massive wealth to move around
It felt familiar, the situation, this, air
Then I developed a form for her to become dependent on me
The story about becoming a priest
I noticed that she gave those people money
Spent on hosting small events and weird objects
When she barely buys anything at all
Her house was stuck in time, so with nostalgia to perform
“How romantic it looks to be there and do their stuff”
“What do you need to be on?”
“Im hanging around the place while looking at them”
I dont even know why she cared
Even them left her alone, as so many before
It was a secret but I have money, everyone here would go along
So weak minded, all those people, who left her alone
With me she became another person
I should have cared who it was, in the past
But Im done and wont be back
Neither does she, with a poison sting
Killed without a pain
Oh, wooooow, I have killed again.
They didnt keep an eye on it, so I took it
Books to study, then a future childrens library
Church, math and english classes
Spanish songs and dances
Foreign culture and worship of a god
So very happy with my shows
A proud heritage for her, feeling ill
I drove the way towards her end
Even when I hate the cigarette smell
Becoming less as she was filled, with her own death
Then there was cinnamon spray
Oh, my, I forgot!
The chocolate for the milk
She will not be pleased
Not that she cares about that much
She just shuts, and endures
Whatever life were to throw
And I, so useless behind
Both waiting for a reason to be alive
After so, so long
How much to live just to keep saying why
One must live and one must die
A demon does not make people afraid because of the terror inside him, its because of his immense power to shape the world as his own. Leo had a very comfortable life by then, the old woman died and the priest pretending times were over, the daughters never knew how he was involved in her death, they cried and hugged him looking for relief, they hated the doctors for not doing enough, but they never thought about themselves.
A couple of the daughters, the poorer ones, made several attempts to take some of their mothers money, the day a loan investment was set to pay, they staged a fake kidnapping of one of their daughters; a grand daughter got pregnant of some dirty young dude and they needed to buy her things because the idiot was so nice and good that he needed to help his own poor grandmother; their car always broke down because someone was stealing the parts and if it wasnt fixed, they couldnt go visit their lonely mother; it wasnt fair that the other sisters had a decent life, one of them was married with another man in her youth, see this blurry copy of a marriage certificate? this is the proof of her sins, and the last daughter doesnt need any money, she has plenty of friends and daughters married with rich guys, and they all give her money after her husband suddenly died of a heart attack, were the poor ones suffering because life is so difficult and our families doesnt understand nor support us, were the ones who by god need help, you should give us money.
On the contrary, the other couple of daughters were greedy and treated the poorer as if they were superior, while demanding her mother to not waste her money on anything. Her house required to be fixed but they said it was not necessary, her mother wanted to buy stuff sometimes but they warned her about a tragic future full of diseases and accidents, a future where if she couldnt pay, they werent going to help her at all.
But the will of the demon was superior to the one of those pitiful humans, the old woman was already under his spell, she wouldnt move a finger without secretly consulting the wise boy enlighten by god, her family situation was painful for her but the demon soothed and strengthened her emotions, kept her company in those lonely endless days, he turned into an improved resurrection of the son she had and died some years ago due to liver failure after many years of heavily drinking, the demon made her see the truth behind their cheating actions while keeping his own lies alive, little Leo gave her the direction and what was necessary to let go of this world, and she finally did. As a gesture of courtesy, the demon went to visit and gave her a warm trusting in god goodbye, she had served the demon well and he gave her a final blessing a couple of hours before she was pronounced dead.
Leo heard in the neverending neighbourhood gossip that the daughters were having a nasty fight over the missing money that Leo had inside his closet, they blamed each other and the bank for stealing it, and the demon felt bored because the lack of a fight.
The demon was a young boy with money at his hand, the control of a big half empty house with a small steady income, and a bunch of twisted dreams that he shaped into reality, this could have been the perfect time to become a normal human boy again and enjoy what life had to give, but that was not inside the demons heart, one barely moved by time.

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