Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 19


Im too sad to go on
Havent I told you before?
None of this can bring me any joy
Youd think some of these things, along the way
A thousand years old, a million steps ahead
Dont you know how, sad, this actually is?
Everything you say and do
Dont you know?
Dont you want to know?
How I even laugh, at how worthless the view is
Doesnt mean anything, so, so small
A dream, a passing thought like the wind
Leaving nothing behind
Yet too weak to take anything with it
Cold colors, just a game of elements
Variables with a prize at stake
They keep saying is so valuable
The very meaning of their lives
But my heart is overflowing anyway
I pay no attention to
They think theyre so special
How, interesting, the life theyre living is
So young and stupid, so old and obsolete
Countless drops in a pool of the same
With their pitiful problems and situations
Caused by their own circle of belief
One they will never leave
All of these, means nothing to me
As I see them again and again
For your eyes are slaves
Of a play of grey and pretend
How, how long?
Am I, to you, a bad mother?
To carry you in my own vice
When, what?! I know that
Yet I consider it the same
Have you seen, how sad this all is?
Dont expect me to be around
The show continues as I walk
I shall not anymore
But before I leave you, tell me
Ive been wandering of late
How can she transform the world so much?
The colors change, the colors
Can you believe? how beautiful her smile is
I cant see her eyes, but I, I
The colors, oh, so warm
I can see her smile
The sensation of her skin
As I get close to her arm
Her reddish hair, the smell
Now you understand, right?
The colors and the sense
How any you bring or comes
Means anything at all
Its a whole different world and rules
The girl that liked you, she was pale
That sport you played, it was dull
That game you had, it was boring
Tasteless food, Bitter drinks
And better yet, life absent me
Such a pleasure to see
How can you be with without me?


If I were to meet you in the spring
As the cycle repeats and in your mind it begins
I would let you get away
With everything you say
Why so attached? to such a weird past
For the real game is not over here
With a heart, overflowing, each and every way
Im such a tired man, not much to say
My heart just fills with water
But for you, Im so much happier, this way.

Since he decided to follow, the little demon had to figure out how to make everything happen, he felt that what he had done so far was much more easier than what he needed to do next, he thought for many days and the only answer he could find was to collect more money, he had enough for moving but it wouldnt last much, especially considering how tiny his coins were in the real world outside the wasteland. The demon made several plans to make money, it was difficult yet he was confident he could succeed, the problem was that he didnt want to get too involved with anything, he had waited for too long already and was desperate to leave, if he couldnt he was going to murder another one and feed, but even that was consuming his time, he knew he couldnt wait for long because it could be too late by then, if it was, not even eating all of those in the city would serve him, it meant his end and his failure.
The closest large income he had was the house he was living in, its not like he was going to need it anyway, but first he needed to get rid of the two woman living there and then convince his aunt to give him her part.
The demon was full of hate and frustration, and that made his demonic luck be sweet and seductive. Suddenly he got the news about his aunt coming to the house the next day, normally she would announce it a few weeks before but the rush had a reason, she got into a big fight with his husband, a real one, things werent that good and went worse because he was a rich business man traveling around the country, very normal for his status to be as adulterous as he possibly could, it was also very normal that eventually his wife finds out, and then the decision, to make an agreement and let it happen in a way or to fight for whatever she could get. It was a very complicated and difficult place to be standing for her, they had a lot of money and the most important things were her property, but she never got involved in the business, she was just a housewife and it was obvious that her son and daughter at the very end could betray her to keep their place inside the business and the inheritance. If she just could, she would have made the agreement and move on with her life, but that wasnt easy either, there was so much at stake that it was going to be a long fight. Falling into desperation, she decided to go visit her happy place with her mother and her sister, and his troublesome nephew he had to deal with somehow.
After arriving, saying hello and eating, she told them about the problems back at her home, they could only listen and tried to make some small talk, there was nothing they could really do about it, if things went for the worse she was going to live with them at the spare room of the house.
Leo was excited about the news but he could only listen as well, it was something happening faraway and it had nothing to do with him, besides, he couldnt push too much because of what he did last time, at the lack of options he decided to just shut up.
Truly a sight to be hold, he wasnt the good old little family boy, he wasnt the friendly useful neighbour guy, he wasnt the blood drinking monster nor illusion creating demon, but he also wasnt like that certain someone who decided to step aside, while sleeping he could not attain the high state of grace, so he just became, himself.
So there it was, a handsome, fun, strong, completely carefree and seductive young man, now with some money, walking around shirtless around the house and blaming the hot weather about it, making fun of everything he didnt like while standing behind his jokes, buying a bunch of food and desserts, eating it like a little pig but letting the others eat too, he had money to buy more anyway.
For his aunt it was relieving, she had a huge headache about how to relate with needy forceful inlove coinless old Leo, it was no secret inside the house about how he got that money, but using the proper words everyone thought it was ok. Leo didnt have to go get his aunt, she naturally got close to him, his way of living gave her hope about a future, she always worried about her social status but then she could go easier because of Leos qualities, he could stand in front of people and look impressive, if he had a big fortune it would have been the greatest heaven, with his little money it was a refreshing oasis.
Despite of the possible divorce problems, the house was very joyful and loud, they were having a lot of fun, Leo really wasnt, and had not treated the people living with him that well lately, but now they were enjoying themselves. The demon didnt talk much about the situation back at her home, because it would have been a bad move at this point, to do something faraway from the gameboard, he only said that she could come live there and forget about those horrible people.
Eventually, his aunt grew a little fear inside her heart, it was about the natural development of a person, Leo was like a honeypot, he surely had his desires, it was just a matter of time before some girl or girls find him and take him away, that horrible emotion about those girls antagonizing you and your own children moving away, theres a tiny secret idea inside the mind that says “oh, what if I become the wife? hihihi”. Normally it gets shut down or kept secret because of social rules, also being old and undesirable, but with Leos powerful and careless mind besides her, and his prior so called love brutal confession, she got inspired to follow and supporting her own emotions.
After three weeks and countless screaming and fighting large distance phone calls, she went back to the northern borderline town where her family lived.

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