Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 20

I wish I could still talk to you
It would be such a fun conversation
But I do what I do and theres no higher point from that
Yet it has been decided, a demon will live among the humans
For chance I could never have.
Looking in the mirror
The demon didnt like what he saw
So tired, so old, all grace was gone
Each day rolled around him and revealed
As he stared at himself once again
He was turning into one of them
The final disappointment.

The demon was in deep problems, you could think twice before calling him a demon now, he had his looks, tough body and wits, but now he was just some boy living with his mother, again, a normal young male southern country human, he didnt have a job, income, friends, relations, in fact, if that old woman had not given him so much of her money, Leo would have been just some starving idiot with absolutely nothing to do.
Leo tried to make his mother feel small and ashamed of herself but she wasnt listening, he tried to make his grandmother feel guilty and hopeless but she didnt care, he called his aunt on the phone but she didnt pay much attention. Nothing was working, so he quickly decided to simulate a happy face and be nice while pretending he was having a good time, supported by the strength of his money, hoping for the others not to find out how useless he actually was.
Leo was clumsy, failing to perform in detail, impatient, uncaring, bored. His body had grown big so he was strong, but it was nothing close to the force of the demon, at that state it was impossible for him to do as before, he could only remember the terror that used to be around him like a dark tornado, but now there was a grey calm, he got used to the superior strength, speed and form, but now he only had his pity human ones and felt nostalgic about the power, she gave that just to take it back, she ran away and everything was attracted to her.
One night while sleeping, Leo had a very long dream, he lived there a reality that felt warm and exciting, he dreamed about having a girlfriend. The dream began with the early relation already started, it seemed like he never left school and now he was in high school, it was obvious that he was still awkward and everything, but the girl had already accepted him. She was tall and had a well formed young body, she liked flashy comfortable clothes that she thought looked good, and Leo believed that as well.
At the beginning of the dream, school had ended and she was sitting at what looked like a subway station but it was bus one, she was alone, Leo said hello and sat at her side, their backpacks were between them, Leo was worried then happy because she was talking to him, they noticed for a moment about a loud vibration coming from the ground.
The girl was afraid about uncontrollable force, the boy seemed like he didnt care and moved on with the conversation.
“You still dont like my friends, do you? I dont like cutting my life in two, between you and them”.
They moved into taking care of their, her busy schedule, the birthday of her younger brother, the presents and party; a cake and a game.
“So much? you could keep some”.
“Dont you have any? you do, I have heard”.
The girl thought of his family, and tried to figure out how it was, over there in his house.
“Heard from where? not that these people know me much”.
“Not them, someone from somewhere else”.
Then the next occasion, a perfect one, for them to know, him.
“I need permission to come out”.
“Just do, what are they going to do?”
A remembrance of the past, the first time of this and that, how he waited until she was alone, and then he came close.
“Forbid about me? such dumb thing”.
“You dont even know, what are you going to do for work”.
And there it was again, an everpresent rumble, for a couple of seconds, again, he did not care.
“Are you jealous, perhaps? I really think you are”.
“Well, maybe”.
“You are, hehe, you look so cold, but you are… so sweet”.


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