Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 21

“To get my happiness I have done everything
But had done nothing to be blamed or accused of
The sound of footsteps became louder everyday
Then I noticed the fact, there was no time”.
The grandmother was still picking up fights with her daughter, since they were basically alone, as Leo lived upstairs and wasnt talking much after he lost his powers, the fights escalated and they couldnt even see each other in the eyes. Leos so called mother was annoying as well, she wanted all the house her own way, she knew that her mother was full of envy at everything, and everytime she left the house to go eat outside with friends or something, the old woman would become mad. One week she went out a few days in a row and the grandmother started to have rage attacks, so she invited Leo to walk around, do a little shopping and eat at the large mall in front of the hotel and dolls place, Leo used to go with her when he was mindwashing her, but later stop, it was very boring for him, he didnt feel like going but he wanted to get close and figure out something to do, get some info that opened a way to deal with them all.
Normally the grandmother would take a cab for everything, but since it was expensive, Leo convinced her long ago to take busses when she could, then she used to make a big drama to her daughters about having to do it, they didnt like the nagging about the taxi expenses and didnt answer back.
So they went to the bus stop, the trip was going to be short because it was near, they could have gone there walking but the heat was too much and the grandmother was complaining about her arms, hips or legs, I dont know, something, she was always complaining and making a scene. Leo was bitter because of the boredom and sexual frustration, ever since the little dream, he desired a girlfriend to possess and make pregnant every year, yet he couldnt find any girl she liked for that role, he was at the high glory of his youth yet he was stuck sort of dating a useless sack of bones, he was so mad that he could barely speak all the way, instead of paying attention to the grandmother, he was imagining what would it be like to rape one by one all the girls he saw.
The grandmother was inside her own small world, Leo could have talked to her but she was unable to understand what he said unless was something already in her mind, she wasnt autistic but stubborn and egoistic, she liked the people around serving her, and that included conversations.
The destiny bus stop was very near the dolls place, there was a walking way through the avenue to reach the large mall named after the sun. The morning continued and Leo was so tired that he couldnt mentally rape the girls around him anymore, they went to the bank automated cashier, to eat tacos at a cheap restaurant by a corner of the mall, those were made with pork meat and some condiments, they put all the layers of meat in a stick and turn it around some burning charcoal, normally Leo didnt like condiments but it tasted good for him, and they drank pink horchata as well. Then they visited the drug store and the supermarket, she also wanted to see some shoes while complaining the stupidest things about the ones she just bought.


Finally it was time to go back, they went to the bus stop at a corner of the mall, it was empty because of the day and hour, the main stop was at the middle of the mall, Leo thought it was too much to endure and was planning to visit another of the massage places near his house, it was difficult because he didnt want just any sex, he had a very specific taste he wanted to feel, he needed to find the appropriate kind of girl and it was troublesome. Leo still wasnt speaking much, he was carrying a couple of small bags and the grandmother one, he was distracted and saw a bus coming, he thought it was the one he wanted and told the grandmother to get up first without looking at her, she took the first step on the bus when Leo woke up from his dreams and noticed it was the wrong one, not really because he thought all busses went the same way, but he got worried it could give a turn to the other avenue, anyway, Leo said with his dull and bored low voice that it was the wrong bus so the grandmother tried to turn around and get off the bus, there was a heavy traffic and the nasty bus driver got mad at what he thought was a slow person coming up, she still wanted to get down, tried to call Leo and extended her arm looking for his hand, but Leo was so bored that he played dumb while sideviewing her pitiful face, the bus accelerated to find a way through the other cars coming and continued its way until the old woman fell to the ground and smashed her head just past the corner, then the bus driver wanted to escape and crashed the bus with some other cars that were passing by, Leo was so bored and then he happily watched the show of death and blood.


People liked the circus so they all got around in expectation, some tried to help, others just witnessing while the other victims got off their vehicles or whatever, police cars and ambulances soon arrived but in the meantime Leo went to take a look at the grandmother after the first group of people surrounded her, they all quickly noticed that her skull was broken and her brains were pouring on the hot street, Leo hold his immense laughter and as the crowd gathered around, he slowly walked away and took a taxi home, got off near the corner of his house by the side the cameras were and not the friendly neighbour houses, he made sure nobody saw him and got inside his home and room, he knew where his so called mother was and the time of she was going back, then with the house being alone, he got ready for the little tragedy play that was about to happen.
Bovine was a derogative used for the bus drives, the media merrily made a death count that went over the hundred every year along with the bank robberies, it was a very lucrative business owned by local politicians, and the bus drivers only cared about collecting money from more and more passengers who usually went through a wonderful experience of human contact as the buses were packed, there was no need for any empty space, no need to feel lonely then, never touched a woman? not a problem, never caught a flu? not for long. At that time there werent any cameras installed on the avenue, not that they will be useful when needed, and later they even made a special legislation about murdering buses, at least then you could be more sure you were going to get some money out of it… or not, they lived in a jungle after all.
After the grandmother died, Leos aunt came back to town and joined the fight against the bus company and driver, it used to happen a lot so all the rules were already set and there wasnt much to really fight about, the driver went to jail just for some time and the bus company paid some money, they also covered for a cheap funeral, only because the victims family could actually afford a decent lawyer, not that they did. After some boring waiting for the coroner to finish the autopsy, they gave them the ugly dead body, so it could be put inside a coffin and in a room, therefore other people could come to see it, then they took the coffin with the corpse to a temple for a priest to blabla about it and a god for like an hour, to finally get burned and stored in a box at some other church basement, ready to be forgotten.
The daughters were angry at their mother stubbornness, she went to the mall just because she was jealous of her daughter going out with some friends, she didnt even told Leo, she was angry at him too because he told her to calm down, and now she was dead. There were other feelings hanging around but nothing worth mentioning, after the funeral, Leos aunt went back to her home to fix some personal problems and promised to come back as soon as she could, she wanted to make plans for the future.

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