Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 22

There is no point of you to ask
For a passion to be had
Why, I?
Nonsense, you are mad
Not that theres much to do
Theres not things I can say
Theres nowhere else to go anyway.
The demon got tired of the act and was enjoying some relaxing days, the house was quiet and even his so called mother was in a better mood as she got rid of her mothers constant annoyance, she was sad about her death but her life was certainly better, something she could even easily express with words.
Leo decided not to rush things and looked for a realistic way to move forward with his plans, he lost his powers so he decided to do the same thing all weak people do to engage in battle, he bought some guns and ammo then learned on the internet how to use them, its not like he could buy his powers back, the girl didnt care much about money.
After properly studying he wanted to practice, his demonic luck helped and some noisy holidays passed, he lied to his family about some friends gathering, he took his backpack with the guns inside and went into the girls graveyard. He climbed the two meters tall wall at the back side, where he considered the gate for the graveyard was, said hello to the dismembered buried girl corpses and hid in a room until he started to hear the early fireworks, then he got out and searched for the vigilant poor dude, he walked around the rooms, the auditorium, the classrooms, the offices, the hallways, the kitchen, the gardens, there was some trash from a recent party but he didnt find him, there was only one place left, the rooftop where the small room for his family was.


The demon got close and made some loud noises with stuff to lure him out, eventually he did and searched for the noise, cause of his attitude, he probably thought it was a small animal, Leo was hiding in a sweet spot and happily shot him in the head, then quickly made his way to the rooftop, kicked the already opened door and shot many times his pleading for life wife and kid, he was going to do a happy dance jumping on their bed, but he thought it was ridiculous and that there were probably flees jumping there already, so he just checked the bodies to be dead and left them there, did the same for the dude and practiced some more shootings on him. Leo also shot at the sky for training and fun, he knew it could be very dangerous and wished for the bullets to fall into an innocent skull nearby, with his demonic luck those probably did and killed someone else when they where less expecting it.
He didnt bury anyone, not even the vigilant poor dude kid because he was a boy, it is the girls graveyard, stupid smelly poor boys can rot wherever they fall dead on. Leo walked around a little to enjoy the place at night before going home, if it was the future, maybe there was a very small chance someone could report the holiday shooting of a gun, but at that moment nobody cared to do something about it. Guns were illegal so it was even sweeter to hold them in secret, its not like it was difficult to get one, he just needed money, theres a huge informal economy where Leo lived, he didnt have to think about the rusty legal system, the endless moral dilemmas and the corrupted police, there were all kind of troubles in his time, but none of those were his, so he let others to be bored by it, Leo had his guns and was happy about killing those people even without his demonic brutal powers, well, the bullets always arrived at their living destiny, it may have been the demonic luck.


There was a small commotion at Leos neighbourhood after the bodies were found a few days later, its was not the first time someone got shot dead around the place, there was the big shooting with grenades, the shooting of the blonde girl, also at the small avenue that was behind Leos house, one block away, a group shot many times some dude outside his house, then went in and shot his pregnant wife, both dead, apparently because of a dirty business. At the same avenue, one block further, another group shot another woman on her car when she was coming out of a small hospital for cosmetic surgery, a murder similar to the one of the blonde woman. Those among others, from several big cars filled with corpses and left on a main avenue early in the morning, to some parricide in some apartment that nobody cared about because it was the presidential election day and the gossip was elsewhere.
Its not like it happened everyday, there were plenty of thieves taking advantage of the laziness and such emotions of the old people, but in general it was a safe place, a calmed and nice neighbourhood, though some drug dealers lived there too, everybody knew who they where, and nobody was really surprised when something like that happened.
This time was a little different though, the victim was some poor dude working at a catholic place, he got murdered with his family, it was complicated to think of a motive for the murders, or maybe not, maybe he got along with the wrong people or something, maybe he was greedy, maybe he related to the drug dealers of the place and failed them, maybe he thought it was easy, anyway, the old catholics that lived in the neighbourhood felt very sorry for him, they prayed for his soul and everything, but that was it, when the police gave the place back, they hired another vigilant poor dude to live there with his wife and kids, when someone asked him if he was afraid he said no, that the small room on the roof was way much better than where he lived, that he needed the job and that he didnt like problems, so things were going to be ok.
In one of the daily walks the demon used to do around the girls graveyard, he found a surprise hanged from one of the walls, at the right inner wall of the auditorium entrance there was a plastic announcement that portrayed and promoted food, mechanical games, little stores, music and family fun, everything with the seal of the proud colorful name from the legal owners of the place, the date everyone and their kids were invited was the third sunday of the next month.

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