Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 23

All kind of emotions about the news of the great event.
Ignorant about the sacred and the sinful of the place.
Dirty peasants and their foul children amusing themselves as they dance and sing to the sound of idiots.
Another one of them, what costume shall the poor girl wear?


The gossip was very clear, there wasnt any mechanical games and probably wont this year either, it was mostly rented tables as stores and little games for children; fritangas, tortas, ceviche and some other cheap and easy to make food; used clothes and whatever crap they can stubbornly sell at high price; a couple of stores to sell low quality catholic stickers and keyholders, and live music for most part of the day from the auditorium stage, lets hope they dont get cheaper this year and just put a karaoke jukebox on the stage.
A couple of large buildings, both belong to the catholic church, one of them, the smaller, is a courses center, they give religious classes to people of all ages, but mostly adults who can pay. They also organize retirements for the weekend and such. It has plenty of rooms and space, yet they dont have that many customers, at all, it looks empty most of the time, some rich spanish dude built it decades ago and now is kinda falling apart, but thats the charm of the place, and the mystery of how they keep themselves in business, just the land tax must be huge, maybe a secret discount, or the church help them pay, or someone deducing taxes by passing it as a charity, which is not, a whole veil that adds to the twisted greatness of the place.

Ive never liked the metal feeling, as it absorbs into the skin
Performance to reach an objective, the motives to act
Outside, inside, and me, in the middle,
I really dont like it, the metal feeling.

The Sun arose that sunday like any other day, people did what they did like any other day, the demon wore his normal face and had his usual breakfast, it was interesting for himself that he still had a choice about the future acts, that he could prevent everything from happening then go back to his normal life, he could be a normal boy looking for sex and kicks, just like any other boy around him, maybe find a girlfriend, get a wife and make a bunch of children out of pleasant sex and wife abuse, but, who really is the demon? was he a boy who transformed into a demon or was he always like that? what is a demon anyway? whats inside a demons heart? the confusion about this concept must come from the tales of the humans who portray him.

I am forever a shadow, even under the brightest daylight
And Ive never seemed to care, all along the way
Maybe because I just realized, or put it into words
Forever a shadow, there wont be a change.

The moment when the plans and thoughts became reality, where the catholic curses center was buried inside the girls graveyard, the belief in goodness and salvation, the so called social kindness, all was destroyed by the cruelty and power of the master of the graveyard.

“Would you hurry up? Im hungry”
“But its too early”
“So what? its already time”
“When the movie finishes, in twenty minutes”
“Ill go alone if it doesnt”
“Bring me then”
“No! you must come”

Before the noon of that sunday, Leo told her so called mother that it was the day of the event, that they were going to sell sopes and enchiladas, that he felt curious about going, it was very near and he said that he was paying, his so called mother hated to cook on sundays, so she loved the idea of her so called son asking her out to eat, it was very nice, going out felt like paradise.

“You walk too fast”
“Im going normal”
“I cant go that fast”
“Im so bored of going so slow”
“Do you remember when”
“We stole plants from other houses?”
“That wasnt even me”
“You were so much funnier back then”

At a certain hour, Leo went down the stairs and was ready to go, he hurried his mother saying that he was hungry, they had the custom of eating early ever since Leo liked to do so, the others rather ate too instead of just watching him, and the comida time changed from past 2:00pm to an exact 1:00pm, even before then because it takes time to get things ready for you to start eating, hungry people like to eat and there was no point waiting when you have the meal ready to be served. For most people it was too soon so the auditorium wasnt full, yet everything was ready, the tables and chairs, the stage and the jukebox, the food, part of the cheap merchandise to sell, the people who had nothing to do anyway, and the feeling of a party.


Leo kept casual conversation with her as they walked there, they joked and smiled looking forward a nice meal. At the small fence of the auditorium entrance, Leo mischievously tripped her so called mother and caught her heavy fall, he gave her a little lecture for her to pay attention and then they got inside, ordered food and sat down near the middle, where there was a couple of women, both friends of the so called mother, they were with a small group of others, and they all sat at the same table.

“You wear a clock again”
“Why not? I just fixed it”
“What time is it?”
“I dont know”
“Fine, whatever”
“Of course”

The meal was not that bad and the surroundings sort of nice, it was a party at a calmed place and people were talking while listening to the jukebox music and the same fool screeching the same lousy song again and again, also eating and smiling.

“You took too long”
“There was other people, a bunch of kids”
“Wheres the bathroom?”
“Near the entrance, I saw some dude stealing the paper”
“Was it clean?”
“Kind of, not, Im gonna bring more”
“You ate too much”
“So what? dont you want some?”
“Only one”

If I were to be highly depressed
And ignore the hungry wolf biting my neck
Self defense of just pretend
Pity mind inclosed in tame
I would imagine everything being the same
Except for a dream of you
And whatever romance created you
Your sense of happiness and existence
How can I possibly care?
Ive been thinking as I changed my mind
The bathroom and the smell
Spinning in my head
How can I possibly care?
Im too lazy for this to make sense
Is it the crazy food, or just the scent of you?
I know, I know
The metallic feeling
And what I really am
Wouldnt it be funny to know
What am I to you?
So simple, I dont care.

“How come did you get a headache?!”
“I didnt sleep well”
“Fall asleep then, we have all day home”
“I guess, ok”

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