Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 24

Then he never answered the phone again, he never opened the door for anyone again, he had no obligation to do so.
There was a new gas station near his house, as always none of the neighbours liked it, they protested, some time happened and they got the license anyway by paying the county employee not to show up in trial and lose by default, later the neighbours shut up and even used it, Leo used it too, he bought special containers and slowly brought them into his home, kept them under the cover of his dominance on the second floor, then one by one, he went walking to the gas station to fill them up, he did it daily and nobody could care less, he even became friends with the workers there and shared stories about his old soon to be fixed car that needed a daily small run to keep working, he joked like an idiot about this and that and everything was perfectly normal, its not like he was the only one who ever walked with containers to get some gas.
To make it look more normal, he learned bad jokes about women that were the small sensation at the gas station and their refined, tasteful staff of brave and proud men. All was done, all went well.
Hiding the materials inside the graveyard meant no problem, placing the fireworks wasnt that easy because there was the new vigilant poor dude, he could have killed him but he didnt want to call anyones attention. The first part was to make a design that predicted the movements of the people, placing the devices inside the auditorium was difficult because they were going to set the table stores and stage, he thought of several possible places and left them to future luck. Covering the whole place was also problematic, it wasnt that big but enough to require a large design that could become troublesome to install, so the demon designed a honeypot, he thought of setting a few scary devices to make them all run to the auditorium entrance, behind the glass door theres a wall that makes a hallway to the left and right, with his key that he stole from the previous poor vigilant, have that door locked and there packed together, with easier device location possibilities, burn them all alive like little smoked people in a can, it was such a delicious thought, oh, and well, you have to escape too, I guess.


It was a very special late night on the rooftop of the auditorium at the girls graveyard, the weather was warm but the wind made it comfortable and pleasant, then a small rain happened but it didnt get in the way.
But the day had already happened, the demon was preparing the fireworks again, he checked the already placed devices at the entrance and inside the auditorium, he decided it was a good time to get rid of the new vigilant poor dude and the other vermin residing at that small room on the roof, the demon used his guns to restrain them, then put them inside a forsaken closet at the rooms building, shot them dead and left the corpses there to rot.
The day had already happened, yet he finished all preparations again and started to relax, it was certainly a beautiful view from the roof of the auditorium, one only the true master of the girls graveyard could admire, the demon sat and slowly looked around, there was still some rainy drops and a slight wind blew, his demonic luck was so powerful that he then met who was watching him the whole time from the shadows.


Weve been trapped here for so long… once I get things ready, will be different, youll see everything, youll feel excited… Im not sure about that cable… this? let me fix it again… yes, do it again… if Im not careful, I may get stuck… sometimes they host religious people in the middle rooms of the building, but it seems theyre on vacation right now, or just not here… I have noticed, I dont know why they dont like sleeping here… maybe they want to live.

The conversation suddenly stopped, not because of its meaning, she remembered something else and the casual talk silence became. While the girl stood there quiet, the demon continued its activity that was near its end, while many meters of cable were all over himself, she didnt care, eventually he grew tired and stopped as well.

Follow me… I need to finish this… why?… because I already started… so what?… a cycle must be complete… I dont know about that, can you tell why?… no, I cant.

Time froze as they stood on the lonely rooftop, in the everlasting night that allowed that moment to happen without interruption.

You dont even have to wear those clothes, neither do I… its not like Ive done, anything else.

There was no meaning anymore, except for being tired, nothing else had a purpose, and the day wasnt coming.

She was supposed to be living here, so when I noticed she wasnt… I remember… she separated from her parents when she, so, it was so obvious for her, being here… its a big place… for how long are you going to search?… cycles do complete… Im starting to think, she is not really here.

Entangled with cables, the demon kept immobile and gave another look at the dark now clear sky of a summer night.

Theres, no need anymore… its something, I can really enjoy… theres no point now, why do you even talk? its over, you died with that woman… no, is that, so?… your image, I can barely remember, it makes no sense, you dont have to wake up in the morning, theres nothing waiting in the evening… eventually time will catch up… Im, so tired of it, so what if it does? just some minor inconvenience, Ill deal with it and then… you?… why is it so boring?… I never knew, I couldnt comprehend, after so long… just look at you! hahaha… is, something, funny?… how do you even exist?!… cycles, never stop… theres nothing from you of her… I know… yet you are still here, and she will not, you killed her with your gun, such a lovely son… I didnt even take care of the body… why would you do such?… because, because… youre not going to speak like them, do you?… I have nothing to say… they dont speak like us, even when they have to, they naturally resist, yet we… we resist, didnt, we?… so much, just for that… its all there is… no, thats the point… dont you get, hungry?… no, not anymore… yet you followed me… no, I dont… I saw you, you thought you could disappear, but I always saw you… you didnt, and you just were lucky, it had nothing to do with me… you followed me, outside the house, along the back wall, into this place… Im not, following you, sorry…thats enough, for me to hear, I think, can you feel? Im so much happier, this way.


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