Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~ ch 25

You came for me, I knew all along
I was going to find you if I was loud enough
I threw a stone to the window of the classroom outside aisle
There was noise, but nobody around
Nobody, I can possibly mind
But I knew, the magic that became after you died
Waiting for me to come back
The stone turned candy, cause, I dont have any
It wouldnt break the window, but the hard one did
And it reached you, I wanted, to give it to you.
Im a little cat, to sit on you lap in the most uncomfortable times
Im so sorry, but I can leave you behind.


Alone at last, such triumph to celebrate
Acid leeches falling from my burned skin
Immobile and pale, the ground absorbs their dust
In pity and laughable tame
Of elements these animals couldnt understand
Everything comes to end
The immense force that tested my strength
Waiting for me to fall as well
The egg crushed but I defeated them first
The air is cool, the shade with a new color
Their blood rusts, yet leaves an scent
For them to follow and engage war again
But not today, the empty void fills
With that other world I fell from
If I knew what I could do
One is one, and one is two
Sitting on the fireworks to burst
The pathway of the sky I trust
To know, I was to get my own pyramid
I guess it all makes sense now
If saw my own dead, should I try to prevent it?
If I do, should I live forever?
Never age and always be healthy
Tragical times and become very wealthy
History changed, cause Im with you.

You thought I wasnt going to hug you?
I thought you were going to be afraid
Not that it would have stopped me
As you see, nothing did
Sorry, if it took a while
Dont you think its too much?
How are you going to be mad at me
While being siamese?
But no, I dont allow it
I dont want you to live here
and I dont have any strength left
I wish I could leave a crater
Im too tired to even do that
I know, I know
But I will find her
Yet such fun play
Its all worth in the end
You just did it for my hug
Such lengths you go
Theres no, going back
The immense earth will recover and seal
I dont have any strength left
And I, I dont care
The pride of a moveless, cold, dull
The color is being pushed out
Stiff stale air, a pull from every side
Its coming back again
Rocket propelled for a minute
Then she vanished and was gone.


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