Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ ch 01

How can anybody not notice?
Or maybe they just dont care, enough
Whats there for them anyway?
Ancient ruins and technology
Only the origin seems to understand
For I, sleep with you.


File 01: Detective.

The calendar states once again in its daily exercise, that time never stops, no matter how slow you make it actually roll, it goes ahead anyway, but funny thing, I stopped paying attention to it and now it marks the wrong day.
Too much work, theres never enough time, a stay over the office loses its purpose once you get too drowsy, and fantasies emerge in a spiral of dark water, through the abstract mind and fixed eyes, such adventure to be had, its like tomorrow shall never come.
Folders pile up the desk, with time they seem to duplicate, like paper being alive and reproducing, even when forgotten and left behind, for some other more interesting case to look at, it was just a matter, of a proper sight.
Folder named “Detective”, the most obvious and straightforward, whats the motive and setting? and Im already twisting my eyeballs to see elsewhere, I have found that, the stronger drive ahead pushes the need to ask those questions towards the elements circling the environment, yet I cannot ignore, but also laugh in relief, its has been, a long, long while, especially for me, to reach this form and status, to be up in the middle of the cold silent night, better said, to have awoken earlier, gives me time to work, and to secretly laugh at my own questions.
Theres plenty other to investigate anyway, so many shapes of the same thing, this is certainly a stronger one, for I have seen weaker, more desperate ones, you would think this is not, for it doesnt move as much, such optical illusion, so easy to fall into a cliff, but I should not talk that way, it leads to the questions Im not answering right now, so Im gonna focus on you, a machine always on, and you, forgetting about me, theres no need, to think about me, for now, Im pretty confident, I guess I have changed, but not as much as everything else, its probably just, what happens as you go on, for so long.

I could say that I am investigating this out of my own interest, not because of a position of advantage, at the end all eyes laid on the same, corpse, but not all could remember when he was alive, and why would they? its been a long, long time, can you really hide forever? he wasnt even that strong, was more like, explosive, such drive pushing ahead, not enough room to go deep into questions, cause some things dont really change, I could call him cousin but thats, very troublesome, maybe I was reborn into a worm, or probably things are just common, in a lake of same, a crystal mirage as I laugh again, in the loneliness of the office, snow falls outside, and maybe I have grown old, to be here instead of out there, I must have lost along the way, the will to belong there.

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