Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ ch 02

File 02: Vanish.

Its been said that a simple spin of the body can create the most, transforming consequences, that if you only care about the traveler, for those environments of the past are not quite destroyed when left behind, and by the time the twist stops, also a new configuration sets dry a couple of seconds later, you can actually see how it arranges, the mixed fluids, you can even with a sharp sight, pay attention to its distinctive colors.
There may still be a chance, a short span to return while it remains as a fluid, another spin in the opposite direction can recompose the elements to their past state, though thats just speculation, you never know what had changed after such actions, the mold is not that firm so the fluid is free to settle on its own, and it will follow its nature.
Me? I dont have that much to say, Im just a quiet mind, with a heart overflowing, each and everyday.
The utility of that structure leads the traveler to move very fast and far, also motivates to do such, unless at some moment and by any reason, spinning becomes a forbidden practice of self, the color fluids solidify into objects and empty space, to a luck of becoming stale.
The experienced traveler, with the tools to adapt and create in different environments, faces an apparent final trial for survival, and once solved, can also join the colors, realizing the countless transformations were an unmeasurable force that had gone through the skin, and its time for the blood to clot, covering the injury with a make believe symmetry of thought, when the deals in the heart are completely one sided.
Theres to notice the strength of the traveler, who doesnt leave even if doesnt like, and always stands firm at the presence of each dimension.
Me? whatever idea of romance that created a drive, for she knows the elements that moves that smile, deep and mischievous, the one she holds and reflects to the sky, snow windy night, from a shadow hunting time, I must say, in all odd and stale, such honor, Im so much happier, this way.

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