Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ ch 03

File 03: Cruel Machine.

In the young days there were two kids, one quiet and reserved, with a stern look on his face, cold and lonely, with an aura that imbues fear and repeals, while the other went along the flow more easily, with no particular description that I can think of.
Then the time of trial became present, along with the hush of individualism for the collective emotion of emergency, for the trial decides, something, and at the end of the day, the silent kid went over without taking any precaution, and that concerned the people around him, for him to be so strange, yet so resourceful to avoid the path and conquer the goal anyway.
It turned out he was cheating, everybody knew it, even himself, the problem was that nobody else knew exactly how, as he was under surveillance the whole ceremony, who could have possibly told him? what influence made him react in the form he did? his family environment was investigated, and he didnt seem to enjoy someones company, there was no sense of admiration, no idea of attachment, he was, so lonely, instead of a line there was a force with an expression that remained against the odds, in the pity range of his own self.
But revenge eventually came for the crowd, for in one trial, he, in the middle of all his boredom, got excited about a numbers device, and the overuse mislead the way, causing him to fail, exposing his humanity, his, weakness.
The other kid one day got a girlfriend, or what appeared to be the beginning of so. Wouldnt be romantic, to spend some time like that? a walk around in the colors of the evening, the opposite of what was seen everyday while being at the same place, theres trees and large spaces, most of the people gone, and the wind is pleasant, are you, arent you fun?
With such emotion from him, above the grey bite that chews everyday, his voice is a sound that shakes the dim filter of pollution, it makes you believe that you can actually overcome, in a promenade of desire and lust.
It turned out, he was cheating too, but she never knew how, and she was there all the time, actually paying attention, so, when did it happen? the most obvious and simple explanations felt short, the complicated ones were a tone of ridiculous, anyhow she decided to settle with one, whatever was fine as long as you can forget about the mystery that rejected you, it hurt to think not only about some other value more important than her, but also about the illusion to overcome, and it was probably not worth it, wasnt for her anyway.
Thinking that its right and its proper, how can he do what needs to be done? how can you tell a good one from the bad?
What once was a tearful reality to break, then it became a grey distortion to immerse, a fall from the wind, the last chance before closing the eyes.
If I say that I love you, youre so foolish to believe, in a force created to shape the environment, and you as an element of it, so dumb out of you, not to realize, the curse has reached you too, slumber until you leave, or be pushed away by it.
Me? I have no words to say, youd think I would have by now, with all my abilities and strength I could easily overcome, but, the snowstorm, still outside, the environment is shaping my mood and the impulse to act is gone, I guess, I suppose the machine couldnt serve its purpose after all, was probably too big to ask of it, and the designs, the scraps it was made of, yet I always thought it was funny to watch it running, this whole thing, and the snow, is the real game really over now? I have found out, Im very used to it, and the fussy sight of cloudy night, and the silent expression of a timeless pride, and my heart to fill with water, everyday.

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