Reo 04 ~The Puzzle of a Lost Girl~ 05

File 06: The Darkest Dimension.
A simple comparison should be enough to distinguish the details, and how large the collective effort to maintain normality extends, almost like a sentence for the obvious, this is a real life to be lived, one that contains in a bottle the mystery of the dubious past, a dark shadow covers the harsh engines of the machine, and also the particular humor of the goddess, along with a shelter from the snow.
But the sunrays not always enlighted in this color, out of the sight of those who live after the night, across configurations once upon a time the theater was set to a country sight of the semidesertic kind.

Purple flash of my own love, tell my of my eyes
For I dont, feel much about her, I never really did
And it was declared, from all high heavens above
Nothing was worse than eating her food
So, why did the goddess decide?
For you to be a prophet and a star.

Its an emotion of attachment, the goddess had stated the companion must be guarded, and the tragedy path met a new element that created a different story, for both sides of the mirror.
The creation of the machine was a further plan down the line, may even be a consequence of the events that occurred during the time with our companion, and the string she carried to the promised land.
Her life of suffering lead to a great lust
For the shiny forbidden treasure of a thousand sins
The one that mends all canyons and traces of dead land
A key to fervent obedience from the disciples of the environment
The tools to build a kingdom plated in gold
And all their tricks to steal it from you
Teenage feelings of confusion and despair, over the so simple to overcome, yet for the will is all a vice to embrace, creating twisted paths to reach the desired emotion, expressions of loud self disdain, a war against the else, the pleasure from a burst of pride, burning all there is not being mine.
Time will never stop, and so the excuses of a troubled youth became obsolete, and more desperate measures were required.
Now she wont listen anymore, in this collective regression for the nostalgia of a hundred years ago, it was to be checked, that the first blessing of the goddess was the one of violence, which broke her curse of marriage and broken promises, she often believed of her inability to reproduce as the cause of a deep abyss, in outside sight was obvious she would be creating just another one, for the goddess to cut in half.
But when divine left to the high skies, she was left to embrace her human flesh and kind, the taste of her own blood was disgusting, so she mixed it with different herbs she found along plantations without grains, for her, all she was, just a servant of the earth, which in exchange granted her a few wishes, the tools of power, the script of time, and the veil over emptiness.
Didnt I say? She is not talking anymore
The only things I know are the ones that I see
So the goddess demanded an answer
And through force that easily destroyed all barriers
Hiding all her weakness and bitter sense
She was found, staring into space
Dont you know I took the poison?
From the desert dry stream
Theres a reason for me to live
Then I floated, out of here
The goddess laughed at her pitiful state, she did so much that started to mock, then bully, and finally with a direct strike to her face, the goddess declared a second blessing to be had.
You really wanted a son, didnt you?
Theres no other point for repeating all of these
You already told me that story
That now I will make it to change
For youve been blessed ever since you met a new fate
Near the peak of your death sprout a new timeline
Because of the treasure you hold inside
Youve been a visitor of the holy land
Youve read the scriptures of the light
I grant you the power of divine
You shall have what was lost in time
In the pursuit of another chance
For you, and I.
And so the storyline changed again by the mischievous spirits that surrounded those ranches, they did not wanted the same show, of a peasant soul covered in mud, so the son must be anew, with a driving force to rip it all, waves of regret, hopes of joy, from the brim of her dreams and pale of her sorrows, the son will create a new world.
Yes, the son will make you rich
Acceptance by ceremony of fluids
Submit your body and dignity at once
On your knees to a child
Do it and pledge obedience to this feeling
Youre his mother, and the pleasure to commit
Divine kissed your lips and broke your torn heart
Godly touch ticklish on your skin and mind
In your own ancient bed you became trapped
Oh, such a good time
You must be taken before the poison does
You must be stripped before the dawn becomes
Another day to be astray
Ill make you so selfish
Ill make your pain turn to lust
Your life of suffering is mine
The treasure will be yours, and the illusion of you
Be mine.
But the poison had already killed, it called for more death inside the veins, cold sweat and empty hands, desperation became a hole, where the keeper of the treasure could look into the dangers, yet could not see the divine, and lost the battle against the high heavens, along with his life.
She happen to have witnessed the conflict and resolution, for she could see whats invisible to man, she saw the trident fall from the sky, cutting the wind in and out, the keeper was defeated and the treasure was free to take, a promise had been kept, to the blessed dying woman, torn apart between the soil and clouds.
The ceremony of the new queens crowning had started, in the glamour of red and dire, the earth claimed what was theirs, the heavens did the same.
And finally the goddess declared
Emerging from the shadows covering the hall
It was all my will and power
Dont you know she took the poison?
From the desert dry stream
Theres a reason for her to die
Then she floated, out of here
And the earth became dirt, and the heavens empowered the wind to travel far, as the goddess declared all acts left in the trail, of the unforgivable kind.
And a thousand thunder strikes hid in the shadows and dark
Stormed the nights of flying metal scraps
Nurse the soil in such red sacrifice
It has been declared
Unforgivable, the goddess of cold and harm
Cursed the remaining ruins of the land
Destruction turn life into a ghost
Of those who either died or walked
Purple flash of my own love, tell me of my heart
For she was the last link of the most lovely shine
Dont pretend you can, dont you leave
Dont you leave outside of me
Goddess screamed across the travels
Countless roads of sea and sand.

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